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  • gemmydoge73
    started a topic montgomery ward's santa

    montgomery ward's santa

    I dont know how rare this is but i went to goodwill this last winter and i baught a motionette santa and it had the montgomery tape on the top of the...
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  • frogkid11
    started a topic Vintage Mechanical Window Displays

    Vintage Mechanical Window Displays

    Hello All,
    I have been collecting vintage mechanical store window figures for about 15 years and have over 90 of these in my collection currently....
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  • Independent Christmas Special needs your help!


    I am the creator of an animated show called The Super Holidays. We are in the process of putting together a thirty minute Christmas...
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  • My favorite online holiday card

    This card lets you create a personalized card for a friend and specify if they are naughty and nice. It's really cute.

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  • Just Whisper
    started a topic Rockin' Santa animated prop

    Rockin' Santa animated prop

    1/4/2017 NOTE: This thread is old and the links to the photos have been lost. If I can find the original photos I will replace them. I apologize. This is a prop I made for Halloween, and then recycled for Christmas by putting Santa in the chair. I got the original plans from scary-terry's website, but instead of a skeleton I put Santa in the chair and instead of a wiper motor I used a gearmotor. It still works on the same principle. It took me about an hour to build this prop. Plus about an hour to make Santa. This is a picture of the mechanism we'll be making. It consists of a plastic chair, a "T" shaped piece of wood, a wiper motor and an aluminum bar to connect the motor to the chair. Following is a parts list. * On...
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