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    It's not March anymore!
    Nutcracker fetishist.
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    The sun is shinning today! Have rain for the last couple of weeks, and now we are looking at the 70's for next week and sunshine! Yup! Yup! Yup!


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      I think I mentioned about a month 1/2 ago I had an etsy store. People keep coming to my store and looking, or marking items as favorites but no sales. My prices are very reasonable also. Well, I finally sold my first item this week. At least that will pay for my 4 months listings with a tiny profit. When my 4 month listings expire I am quitting etsy. I should have my own online store opened in about 2-3 weeks. It is $6.00 a month but I can list as many products as I want with no fees and I don't pay anyone a commission.

      We sold my husbands Subaru to our son and his wife. They needed a second car and liked Loren's. so we sold it to them for a great price and Loren ordered a new one.

      One of my big pond goldfish (about 7 inches with fantail) died today. He was about 9 or 10 yrs old. I still have 4 more.

      My husband noticed today that the new overhead google view of our house was taken the end of Oct and you can see my cemetery in front and walk-through in back. LOL.


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        had a lot of bad weather go threw. Everyones alright! had over four inches of rain yesterday. Been raining all day today as well.

        I came home Tuesday and turned on the computer. The first news headline I read is,
        "NASA planning night landing on the sun. Much to bright derring the day"
        My first thoughts were, How could it matter what time of day it is......... I forgot it was April Fools day. LOL

        Been working way to many hours. Got to get up at 3:00 tomorrow. We're hiring more people. One new guy this week. Three more will start Monday. Will have to see how long these guys last. Guess it's not fare to judge. My first day, almost twenty years ago, someone looked at me and said, "till the end of the week'. LOL
        There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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          We will be getting the south tail of the same storm today. Not as bad. Glad everyone is ok. It was 67 when I went to bed last night and 70 when I woke up. Sweet.

          My tomato plants are covered in tomatoes. Hope they actually survive and ripen this year.

          I hope the new guys work out. When I worked as a photographer we would train 3-4 new people each year. Some lasted a few weeks and some about 8 mo. They thought it was going to be a glamourous job I guess. When they realized we had to drive as long as 2 hours some mornings to the job site, and haul very heavy equipment around each time, unload it, set it up, tear it down, load it, etc it wasn't so glamorous any more.


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            JW, what kinds of things are you selling on etsy/your new online store?

            Putrid, that was a funny April Fools item. You must have been tired when you saw it, LOL.


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              RIP golsfish.
              Nutcracker fetishist.
              Visit my nutcracker blog


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                Originally posted by Perpetual_Christmas View Post
                RIP golsfish.
                Thank you PC.

                Paint...I only have about 29 items in my etsy store. I am selling tote/beach bags, halter tops, bullet necklaces, bracelets, chokers, feather earrings, and hippie style headbands. I don't have the bracelets or headbands on etsy I think. My store is thelaughingzebra. I also have a store by the same name on ShopHandmade (The Laughing Zebra). I may end up changing the name before my web store goes online since my domain name is taken. It is harder than people think to come up with a name for a business.

                my daughter, sister and I went to gallery night downtown last night. As usual we had a great time. Ate dinner at the Tin Cow, went to our favorite art gallery and drooled over paintings, and laughed at some, and walked around listening to the bands.
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                  Have to check out your store Just Whisper. Totally cool!

                  Got a bill in the mail. A bill from my old internet provider. Was cussing like a hungover sailor on a stormy Sunday morning when I opened this thing. Yanked it out of it's envelope. Looked right at the amount due. "$0.00". Shook my head. Laughed at it. Then had this thought. Will they send me an overdue notice? Tack on a fee I'll have to pay? Threaten to discontinue services I don't have with them? I'm off Monday. I'll give em a call.

                  Got that convention to go to in two weeks. Finishing up a trench coat. Kind of a scifi/anime look. With lots of long fringe of corse. LOL Need 3/4 strips of red and white material. All the red material I've tried will bleed into the white if it gets wet. So I'm going with pleather. Watched a few vids on Youtube on how to work with this stuff. I do plan on making it easier on myself. Glue the strips down. Then sew it in place. No pins, shifting or mess. I'll take pics when done.
                  There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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                    so sorry about your goldfish, JW. Too bad you didn't sell much,,, I need to go check it out. My daughter has a etsy store, and also a on line store, not sure which she does more business on, she sorta struggled with the name thing too..

                    finally got the lights off my front bushes, before there was so much snow on them that I could find the lights, or when it got a bit better, I was afraid it would break branches.

                    where I work they have been using temp people, they make more money than most of the regular people, which is WONDERFUL for moral, they asked some of them if they would like to be employees, for a pay cut and mandatory over time, surprise surprise, all but one said no. and that one didn't lose money per hour because she works ovens, a very hot heavy hard job. a lot of the temp people have left also,, decided take this job and shove it!!
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                      Putrid, I think that your old internet bill just got caught up with you cancelling them. That is something that most every company does when you've been with them for a while. If you got a $00.00 billing them I don't think you've got any worries. It's their way of closing the books.

                      Well sunshine Sunday and Monday in the 70's yup! yup!


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                        Thanks Falasben. I'll keep it around just in case.

                        Bethene. That's not right at all. Guess the only thing you have better is what ever insurance you may have. I worked as a temp years ago. It was always the opposite for me. Made less than the folks working there. Had some really bad jobs as a temp. Worked in a laundry service. They did uniforms, floor mats, shop towels and the like. One job I had there was to sort towels. Wore gloves. No way I'd do it without them. Got towels from restaurants, factories and the like. Two places I didn't like to sort towels from. Pharmaceuticals and farmers. Never knew what was on the towels for the pharmaceuticals. Farmers had WAY to much time on their hands.

                        Not sure about this redo on the trench coat I'm doing. In inseam on the arms are only 15 inches. That's from the body of the coat to the cuff. The St. Peppers coat had 21 inches. Got eighteen inches of fringe and a three inch fur cuff. Got to split the sleeves open to do the sewing strips on the arms. Might tack some fringe in to see if it's even worth it.
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                        There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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                          Putrid, I can't wait to see your coat.

                          Bethene, congratulations on finally getting your lights down. LOL.

                          It is just one pain in the butt after another trying to get an online business going. I have spent days adding photos and product descriptions to my new store. And literally all day today on the computer getting it updated. Earlier part was spent with my daughter brainstorming new names for the business and checking domain availability. It took hours to find one we liked that was available. We decided on Blue Star Emporium.

                          Next trying to find a registrar. Almost all the web servers who register domain names only post their introductory price for the first year, usually less than a dollar. You have to dig forever to find their REAL price. Finally found one.

                          Then I had to get my domain directed to my web site, create a new email address reflecting the new name, and then I thought I was all done for today. Opened my file manager and ALL my pictures are gone. On that bombshell I said goodnight. Top Gear fans will get that. Tomorrow I will put on my brave face, make a cup of coffee and start over. At least it was pics and not the text. I would have cried then.


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                            What a great weekend. On Sat., my husband and I went to the Zucchero concert. He is our favorite Italian singer. It was held in a small theatre in Downtown San Diego, called the Balboa Theatre, which was a wonderful venue for a concert. We were surprised at how packed it was, and how enthusiastic the crowd was - we even had what I called "our own go-go dancers" in the row ahead of us. These three young Italian woman could not contain themselves, and were dancing in their seats. It was kind of bugging the man seated next to them, but it made me smile every time I looked at them. They ended up down in front of the stage, where we could see them dancing up a storm, LOL.

                            Then, yesterday, a group of five of us went up to Rancho Cucamonga to take the all-day Bass Pro Hunters Safety Course. It was me, husband, teenage son, son's friend, and our son-in-law. My daughter was also supposed to go, but stayed home with sick kids. The class was pretty good. We learned about guns, hunting, safety, survival techniques, and wildlife preservation. We all passed the 100-question test at the end, but I was the only one who got 100% on the test. They gave each of us our hunting licenses (which are good in all states) and a $20 gift card for the Bass Pro store. So after, we went to the store to spend the money. Everyone had a long, but great day.
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                              Paint, that really does sound like a great weekend. Good job on the 100% test score.

                              Now I am really confused. Each time I go back to my web store builder there are more and more of my pictures back on it. I wonder if it had the flu or a bad cold and is just recovering. Poor thing. I guess I will wait a bit and see it they all come back before I start reloading.


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