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    Wow .. March is here. Time sure does fly. That must mean Christmas is right around the corner. LOL.

    Still plenty of snow on the ground here. Plus it got down to zero last night. So no tomatoes here. So I am jealous JW and Theedwin.
    Plus they are talking more snow on Monday. Oh great. I have a doctors appointment that day too. Figures.

    Like with everyone else it has been busy on this end. So much to do .. so little time.
    And I haven't even thought about starting my taxes yet. Eeek ! Usually by now I have at least started them.

    It sure would be nice if we could work for 2 days and have 5 days off instead !!!
    Prieci'gus Ziemsve'tkus un Laimi'gu Jauno Gadu! (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Latvian)

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    Holy Christmas!!!! March is here already so quick so soon!!! Camping season starts in 6 weeks!!!! I am sooooo done with Winter here in Wisconsin! Hope it warms soon.


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      Tonight is pizza and movie night at home! Warm fire going in the fireplace and sitting down to watch the new Thor movie, and also some not so new but not old either. Star Trek's Into the Darkness and The Conjuring! With it raining outside, and the wind blowing around, it just makes sense to stay home and veg!!!!

      We baked a nice Marionberry pie earlier and have some Vanilla Bean ice cream to go with it for dessert....YUM


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        Home made pie and ice cream sounds really good Falasben!

        Got ice on the ground to the west of us. Waiting around for this next storm. It's gone from 6 to 8 inches forecasted to 3 to 5. But wont really know till it stops snowing. Not that they always get it right or anything like that. LOL We've had 6 inches when they called for a light dusting earlier this year. Wont know till late tomorrow if they call of work for Monday. If we can't safely ship glass it sits in the factory. In the way of everything. Be nice to have Monday off. Wont plan on it. That way if it is called off I'll be happier about it.
        There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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          Golly, I really need to take pics of my tomato plants! (ha ha ha you guys that live up North!)

          I went to the County Auction today and purchased myself a little race car. I got a good deal on it, and I am pretty sure it is fast. I haven't been able to test it yet as I don't have license plates or insurance on it. (well, I did call my insurance company and they will cover any car that I purchase if need be, which thankfully they didn't have to "need be". ) It is sitting in my driveway, and I can't wait to see what it can do!

          This won't replace Gertie, my truck, but I know I will have some FUN with it! But, this is MY Corvette! ( I guess I am a bit traditional...) It is a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. I had a 1984 Crown Victoria old lady car years ago, but that thing was FUN to drive! It would hit 120 in a heart beat! I can't wait to see what this one will do!!!!
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            Awesome car Theedwin! Trucks are nice. Nothing beats a four door for ease of use. Now you don't have to worry about bad weather when stacking up on groceries. Have a lot more room to keep stuff locked away when your yardselling!

            Looks like I'll be going in to work this morning. Glad I didn't get my heart set on staying home. Didn't get all the bad stuff they were talking about.

            Started playing on that Lumosity site again. Do it when I get up in the morning. Great way to wake this gray thing I have in my head. Helps get rid of the cobwebs. Think there's more to the fact that dust bunnies and a brain are the same color.... LOL
            There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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              That's a cool looking car, Edwin. Congratulations!

              Added bonus is that other drivers will definitely get out of your way when they see THAT in their rear view mirror. LOL
              Have fun!


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                Well now....if it was used as a police car, at least you know it was well maintained over time. Car looks pretty nice, no dings or dents I see. Although your miles per gallon, will be pretty low. But you got some power under that hood though and in case you need to make a run for it! About insurance companies, most of them will cover any new vehicle you purchase for 30 days to allow you time to get it home and to call them to get it covered. Do you have a spot light on the drivers side or not?


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                  Just don't try to outrun the cops Theedwin. LOL

                  Looks like I'll be going to two auctions this weekend. Friday I'll be checking out some Christmas stuff. Saturday I'll be going for some more power tools. A band saw and a drill press. Been checking around to see what the normal going prices are for both. I've outgrown my cheesy table saw. The flaws in it are now getting in the way of what I need to do. But that's gonna cost some bucks to replace. Will have to wait. If I could get a better table and drop the unit I have in it that would work too. Still have that scroll saw. Still in the box. Still has NEVER been out of the box. Guess this will be a summer project. Clean up and clear out my garage. Set all my tools up. I actually did a bit of cleaning up in there. I now know were all four of my claw hammers are! I feel really good about myself right about now. LOL

                  Apparently they've been messing up my cellphone billing. Last month I had a bill for almost $200. I paid it. No idea why it was so high. This month I get a bill. Open it up and read. "Courtesy Bill. Do not pay." LOL Looks like it'll be a few months before I actually get a bill I'll have to pay.
                  There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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                    Alright....we are back to good old rain and wind here, and it's pounding or dumping whatever you want to call it! This is good, cause we need the rain more than ever now! If we can just keep things from together and not have the landslides and sinkholes dropping all over the place. Otherwise, have at it rain!!!!


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                      The thing to do with a car like that is, put an extra-big antenna on top of it, and get some big spotlight-looking thing to put on the dashboard, and then everyone around you will drive extra safe!
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                        LOL all!

                        The spotlights were removed, but all the wiring is still there! AMAZON has some spotlights for sale tho...

                        I went to the DMV yesterday, I had to get a new title, and get some license plates. I got it done. I showed up at the DMV at 11:57 am, I got my little ticket that said I was "G621". I looked at the board and it said they were "now serving G199" I about pooped my pants! What I should have done was go home and take a nap, (and change my pants) but I didn't. I brought a book with me and I started reading it. 5 hours and 27 minutes later, my number was finally called..... Do the math. The DMV closes at 5pm. Now, when I go to the DMV, I ALWAYS flirt with the person who is "helping me". No matter how angry I am for waiting as long as I did, I know they are dealing with people all day long who are normally yelling at them because "they were never told" that they were missing some form and they have to come back. NO, I FLIRT! These people who work at the DMV have to deal with people who don't pay attention, and people who don't even care. They want to vent after waiting for so long. Me, I have more than they want! ( I even brought my birth certificate with me in case they wanted to see it!!!) I go prepared!

                        Trust me, I always check the DMV website before I go, if I can do it online or at a kiosk, I WILL! But, new car, need license plates (they don't dispense license plates out of DMV kiosks) I had to go in person. Now, back in the day, the DMV was pretty cool. (Before Nevada decided that Illegal Aliens (persons who, well, yah)) it was easy. In and out in half an hour! Nope, not any more! After I was done, since I flirted with the gal, she told me there were 698 people behind me! I really have to wonder how much overtime the DMV is paying these days!!!!

                        I drove my new car around town today, and it is really intriguing! This thing has BALLS!!! (LOL) I am used to pushing in the clutch after driving my stick shift truck around for the last 7 years. No clutch? Just step on the gas? WOW!!!! It's a BIG car! It's a FAST car!

                        I like my new car!
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                          Holy crap that's some wait at the DMV!!!!

                          I think the most I've ever had to wait was a couple hours.
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                            Gee, Edwin. What a wait! Sounds like the DMV needs a "Fast-Pass" kiosk, like Disney has. LOL

                            I flirt with the DMV employees, too. But the men get a bit upset sometimes............


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                              I heard that Disney has removed all the fast pass kiosks in preparation of the fast pass plus/magic band full roll out.


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