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  • Anybody Getting Ready For Halloween?

    Well its that time of year again when I start getting ready for Halloween. Friday I start wrapping the house with Christmas lights so I can put up the Halloween stuff come October 1st. I have been building a lot of new Halloween props for this year and may have bit off more than a can chew again lol
    Hows everybody else doing?

    Pics to follow soon
    Now if I could just get one more... right there... what the...

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    I started in January making some smaller items I will need, like voodoo dolls and such. This past month I have been working on the walls for my New Orleans village. Three house fronts; 2 each with a virtual animated scene in the windows and one with a live actor behind curtains. It was suppose to be a drop down but I keep scaling back on what I have to actually build. I also managed to get 4 fog chillers built. I bought the canvas I will need to make a cave. Like you, I always bite off more than I can chew. This year I am finding more ways to cut back and still achieve the same results. Something I should have done years ago. LOL. I believe this may be the first year I am not building any actual character props. Everything I have to build should be facades or scenery.


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      I'm getting ready, but not looking forward to all the work involved getting the yard set up. Maybe when it gets cooler I'll feel differently.
      I have built a few of my animated Ouija boards to sell on E-bay and make a few extra $$$ for prop building. I don't know if I'll have anything new this year or not, except maybe a few new tombstones I'd like to make. I just don't have any more storage space for large props.
      I'd like to get my Axworthy ghost pulley system running this year, too.


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        We just decided to do a Haunted Dinner Party at our house in the mountains in mid-October. Now I am scrambling to get that house decorated as well. Here, for the tot'ers and the grandsons, we are doing The Midnight Carnival. I think that is pretty much under control as I have been gathering stuff and working on props all year for that theme. And, it is just a static display for the most part.

        For the mountain house, I'm thinking I will stick with a Haunted house theme, with a mixture of vampires, mummies, witches, candelabra, skeletons, skulls, tombstones, crows, and other spooky stuff. I think I will get one of the old wheelbarrows and fill it with dirt, leaves and skulls with a shovel leaning against it out front. My head is kinda spinning with ideas right now, LOL.


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          Lol.. I finally had to break down and get a storage unit. This year will be the last for my Halloween and Christmas display at our house we plan on moving in March funny thing you guys are the only ones I have told lol...
          Now if I could just get one more... right there... what the...


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            Yup, this will make my 18th year at the same place, since moviing I think 5 or 6 different times where I live. I don't start setting up Christmas till after Halloween. I've been doing it for so long that I can now set up Halloween in about 2 hours. Now that's not including the lighting, since I usually do that at night time just so I can make adjustments on where to put the lights. I always try to set up my display differently each year. This year will be the last time for my haunted graveyard.

            I'm thinking about doing a Sleepy Hollow theme next year. I've been talking to the city to see about getting a permit to have someone ride up and down our streets on horseback in the neighborhood dressed as the Headless Horseman about a week before Halloween. This of course is for next year, and if I can't get it then I will come up with something else.


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              Chris, I am really sorry to hear you are moving and wont be doing your displays. Will you not be doing any christmas display at all or just a watered down version? I guess your secret is safe with us. Ooops I just told my husband and 3 cats. My bad.

              I forgot I actually do have to build one sort of a prop this year. It is a rickety bridge.

              Man, i wish I could set up my display in 2 hours. Or 2 days. Even 2 weeks would be nice. I have to start very early Oct and I usually finish about 10 minutes after the first ToT arrives. I sort of miss my simple yard display. Much more relaxing. But I know soon enough it will be all i can do so I will enjoy this while I can.

              Falasben, the sleepy hollow theme sounds really really cool. And I hope they will let you have a horseman.

              Grinch, I feel so stupid!!!!!!! For those who do not know, last year Dave gave me a ouija board for my birthday. I thought I had read the instructions when I got it. Halloween night rolled around and I was maxed out with unfinished projects as usual. Thinking the ouija board still needed some assembly I did not have time to "finish it". I was very disappointed. A few days ago I got it out to make sure it was ready for this year. All I needed to do was plug it in. LMAO. I felt so duh!!!! BTW, it works great and looks awesome. I love the blue trail. Thanks again Dave.

              Paint, that dinner party sounds really fun. What time should I arrive?


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                JW no I am not going to stop my displays just need to move to a bigger house with more room my family and props are out growing my home now

                I got my electric chair down last night just have some detail work to do.
                Now if I could just get one more... right there... what the...


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                  Chris, Glad to hear you will be carrying on with your awesome displays.

                  JW, I could use that Ouija Board. It's animated? Cool. The party starts at around 5 p.m. I would love it if you really could join us! I just put out email invitations yesterday. Since it is at least an hour's drive for everyone, I said they could spend the night if it wasn't "too scary." So far I have one couple who cannot attend and one couple is a maybe. I may need to fly a few of you guys in just so I can have a party, LOL.


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                    No worries, Whisper. You're welcome. It sounds like last year you wouldn't have even had the time to take it out of the box with all the stuff you had going on.
                    Yea, I try to build them so they're ready to "plug and play".
                    Like I said in my E-mail---the planchette (pointer) will work on the bare Ouija board if you want to take the plexiglass off. Just take the magic slider off the bottom magnet and put a small piece of felt material in its place. Works great!
                    I hope you're able to enjoy it this year. Be sure to take pics!


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                      Paint, it is animated. Grinch, maybe I will try it without the plexi since I have time to mess with it. I will sure take pics an video.

                      Chris, I guess I misunderstood your post. You said "our house" and I took it as forever. LOL. glad I was wrong.


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                        not doing so much this year,, no campground haunts,, I started a prop for the haunt forum 20 dollar challenge, but never finished it cuz got real sick, so I have her head,, not sure if I will keep it static or animate it, otherwise,, that is the only new,, well my jumping spider, but that will be for Halloween night only,, just want to make it a bit bigger some how with out freaking hubby out,, but feeding the need I have to haunt,,, so we shall see,, I won't be starting til the middle of October,, I don't think hubby will want it up any longer than that,,
                        my pinterest page:


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                          Well, we went to the mountain house this weekend and I brought a whole bunch - I mean a whole pickup load - of decorations to start decorating inside for the Haunted Dinner Party. OMG, compared to our condo, this place is so large...and what I didn't realize is that it really takes a lot to make an impact. Even with a pickup load of Halloween stuff, I hardly made a dent. I am pretty happy with the way the dining room, the fireplace room, and the guest bathroom turned out, and would show pics, but forgot to take my camera. I still need to do something with a super large game room, the front patio and front yard, the sunroom, and the guesthouse bathroom. Don't think I will worry about the bedrooms or the kitchen.


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                            Wow Paint, that sounds like a lot of work you have cut out. But i sure would love to pics when you are done.


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                              Originally posted by Just Whisper View Post
                              Wow Paint, that sounds like a lot of work you have cut out. But i sure would love to pics when you are done.
                              Yes, I may need to scale back the plans a bit. Not every room needs to be decorated I guess, LOL. I think if I just do a good job in the rooms I do decide to decorate, that will be good.

                              And I will definitely document and share this whole deal by posting pictures as soon as I can.


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