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  • Help an Animated Christmas Special Get Made!


    I am the creator of an animated show called The Super Holidays. We are in the process of putting together a thirty minute Christmas Special. Our team of animators have worked on The Simpsons and Family Guy. Our voice talent has worked on Family Guy and Disney Musical.

    We have great opportunities to get you, someone you love, or your pet turned into an animated Character, get Associate Producer Credit and other items through our site at

    Please check it out and help support independent animation. You can find out more about our production company at
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    I like it! I think it is very creative as the "Super Holidays" idea is very interesting, and I like your animation style. It looks like something that I would find on the Cartoon Network, but I like Cartoon Network!

    Are you looking for a venue to play this? (Movie Theatre) If so, I may know just the place.

    Good luck
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      two cut and paste posts? need free help? and your tags are suspicious as well. Valentine on a Christmas forum for a Christmas special?

      I'd need to see your creds from both The Simpsons and Family Guy from their sites.
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