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  • whats everyone got planned?

    so, curious as to what everyone has planned for tonights festivities. im needing some quick, cheap and stay home ideas. we have fireworks leftover from the 4th that we didnt get to fire off because of bans (stupid dry season) but its snowing its tits off outside today and supposed to carry on into tonight pretty late, and we're not even sure about the legality of firing them off in town at midnight.... so anyone doing anything fun that doesnt require friends or booze? sitting up and watching the ball drop on tv isnt too terribly exciting for me.
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    My wife and I have got a bunch of movies we haven't seen yet, so we're going to watch them and are building a fire in the fireplace. We've stopped going to the parties and pretty much like staying at home now (also a lot safer). Guess that's what happens when you get older. I will be making a nice dinner for my wife and we have munchies to eat while we watch the show, and of course the traditional bubbly for when the New Year starts.

    Watching the ball drop? Well that hasn't done much for me either for the last several years. I gets kind of boring after awhile.

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!


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      yea im just making some fish and chips for dinner, have some martinellis to drink with it and at midnight. might can rent something on amazon on the ps3 since im bored with all our movies lol.

      ive never actually done a new years party.... just not big into parties. i hate loud music, not a huge fan of alcohol and i have no friends locally.... new years eve has always been pretty boring for me but i want things scattered through the year that i can look forward to besides just halloween-christmas. hating 3/4 of the year is lame lol.
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        I will probably do the same thing I have done for the last few years........go to bed and get up the next year lol. The older I get the more I could care less for partying.
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          Staying home alone and watching television or a couple movies. Try to stay awake until midnight if possible. Nothing exciting really. And maybe try to figure out how to customize my name since I reached my 300th post.
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            lucky duck! im getting there slowly with my 300th post.

            we decided we're going to shoot off the fireworks we had stashed from the 4th. hubby called the sheriff department and they said to go ahead but they suggested we not do any of the aerials since rooftops are still flammable. we might go out to the lake to shoot those off or just shoot em off in our yard... they're small ones anyways.

            had my fish and chips for dinner and it was delicious. pain in the butt since it took 2 hours to cook it all, start to finish, but totally worth it and with leftovers for tomorrow. sweet!
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              I have never watched the ball drop. Just too boring on TV. I have thrown one new years party in my life, and attended one, if I remember correctly. And one year we went out to a club. That turned out to be more boring than watching the ball drop. We do a "Pelican" Drop downtown. There is a story behind that but won't bore you with it. I wouldn't mind watching it, but I hate driving on the same road with drunks, or other people from Pensacola. We always stay home and usually go to bed at our usual whatever time. Here are pictures of the past pelican. It is very pretty.

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              Our son, Alex, and his girlfriend may come over after he gets off work tonight and bring some fireworks left over from the 4th. That will be fun since Ian is home. They are illegal here, but the cops don't usually bother anyone. Earlier tonight our daughter came over, as well as Alex's GF, and we all played Quelf. What a crazy and fun game.


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                Well its 2013 and I'm late to the thread lol... me and my son just watched some TV and fell asleep early.
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                  i guess its pretty universal that anyone who doesnt drink or party has a pretty uneventful new years eve. now i dont feel so bad. maybe one of these days the locals around here will warm up to me and i can invite some over for board games and snacks for a new years eve get together.... until then, well i rang in the new year with a roseanne marathon on tv. lol
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