PVC Pipe Mega type tree.

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  • PVC Pipe Mega type tree.

    This is a quick how to for a small megatree built with a 10' piece of PVC.

    Start with a 6' steel fence post.
    like this

    Then drive into the ground with a big hammer, I use a level to get it straight. Hammer it down so that the top of the "spade" is flush with the ground. I then spray paint a circle on the ground using an extension cord tied loosely around the pole as a giant compass. Hold the other end of the cord with the can of paint so the distance from the pole stays constant as I walk and paint around the pole. You can also make divisions where you want to anchor the strings. The picture shown is just a representation showing the painted circle with divisions. The pole is my present day winch up 18' megatree.

    Then slide a 10 ft piece of 1 1/2" PVC over it. The top of the piece of PVC has several notches cut into it with a hack saw.
    Next take a ladder and put all the lights up by dropping the strings of lights at their mid point over the PVC and into the notches. Run all the lights in the same direction at this time. They will be set up in a circle later. After all the strings are up take a piece of steel wire ( coat hanger) bent into a u shape and drop it over all the strings of lights and down into the PVC. This locks all the lights on the top and they will not come out until you remove the U.

    Then remove the ladder. and use more wire U's to hold the strings down to the ground. the excess of each string of lights can be routed around the outside or back into the center. I would not recommend going any higher than 10' with this design. The pole is plenty strong enough for this height, any taller and your asking for a failure. Also instead of cutting all your coat hangers up you can buy galvanized steel wire just like it at Home Depot Or Lowes in the drop ceiling department.
    This tree can also be made in any dimensions you'd like shorter than 10'. I plan an making a couple more of these in the future. I'm thinking about 7'. To go with My 18' tree.
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    Gary Slater

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    Thanks Gary! I'm sure this will help a lot of others, too!
    People really act weird at Christmas time. After all, what other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree in the living room and eat nuts and sweets out of your socks?


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      thanks, I want to have one of these!
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        Thanks for the info Gary nice brake down!
        Now if I could just get one more... right there... what the...


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          Really nice looking tree, Toymaker!


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            great idea about drawing the circle, I always just sort of eyeballed it, then re-eyeballed it, then re-eyeballed it...

            Will have to try a couple of those next year (or this year actually)
            World's Best Manager


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              I have been wanting to make one of these for years. Maybe this will be the year. Thanks for the nice tutorial. About how many strands of lights did it take for you to make the 10 foot? I need to start collecting.


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                Originally posted by Just Whisper View Post
                I have been wanting to make one of these for years. Maybe this will be the year. Thanks for the nice tutorial. About how many strands of lights did it take for you to make the 10 foot? I need to start collecting.
                As long as you use a typical 27' or so string of lights you can use 1 string up and over. The picture of my tree is using 8 strands. The more you use the better it looks though.
                Gary Slater


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                  Wow me likee! Especially with how much they ask in stores for a smaller one this definetly looks like a future project!
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