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  • Dano's Ferris Wheel

    I typically will make one new large or complex project each year. This year I am making a Ferris Wheel.
    Here is a 10 minute video of the start of the project.

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    Great video. Thank you for sharing.


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      Part 2


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        Nice job. You build much the same as I do - on the fly. I will attach a link to our Ferris wheel video so you can get an idea of what I am suggesting.

        When you get the wheel done with the seats attached, you will need to balance it. Like you, I had a seat "hang" problem. I added pieces of flat strap steel under the foot rest bottom, of each seat, to get it to hang at the angle that looked good. Then, I noticed that there was one spot of the wheel that always ended up on the bottom. We have a free wheel clutch (go cart drive sprocket with one way clutch) that let the heavy spot of the wheel go to the bottom. To get the wheel in neutral balance, I added more strap weight pieces to the lightest seats to get a good balance. If all your bears are the same, you won't have to worry about their weights being different. Since you said you were going to take your wheel apart, make sure you match mark the seats to their places on the wheel so you can get the balance correct when you reassemble the wheel.

        I like your drive system plans. When you balance the wheel, just leave the chain off so the wheel spins freely. We take our animals off every night so they won't disappear. The free wheel clutch sprocket makes this easy as well as putting them back on the next day. One problem we have had with that free wheel - WIND. When the wind blows hard, that wheel spins like a propeller. Thus, we have to bungee a spoke to one of the frame braces. With your chain drive, you should not have that problem.

        I think your idea on the EMT will be a good axle. With the number of revolutions the wheel will turn over the years, you might want to consider using some bearings on that axle. It will prevent the wear between the axle and the frame wood. I think a piece of HDPE tubing would be perfect for the bushings on the seats. Light weight, slick as sn@@ well you know, will last a long time, and inexpensive.

        Keep up the good work. I love to see your builds and marvel at the finished prop.

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDs1BcZ7HEM Just for some reference and ideas.

        Thanks for the videos. Always nice to see how someone else builds. Great ideas to see.

        Good Luck,
        Terry Miller


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          Thanks, Terry, for the suggestions above. Looks like I never finished posting my progress on this one! Sorry. Here are a few videos to sum up the project:

          I have finished painting the chairs and this one is pretty much wrapped up! I'll post some addition pictures soon.


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