Safety Tips for the Christmas Holiday Season

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  • Safety Tips for the Christmas Holiday Season

    Every year we see in the news about accidents that happen in the home during the holiday season. These usually start in the fall and carries on until after the New Year. With decorating, traveling and just being a very busy time of the year, it makes sense to take a moment and make sure your family and home are safe. Did you know that there were some 15,000 injuries reported to the emergency rooms in 2012 just from holiday decorating alone. Hmm . . . I wonder if that had anything to do with they Mayan calendar and the world ending? Nope, we're still here, so that wasn't it!

    Well all kidding aside, here are some safety tips that just might help you and your family get through the holiday season . . .

    Decorating the home:
    • There are a lot of people that use "Angel Hair" for their decorating and did you know that it is made from spun glass? So make sure you wear some sort of gloves or non-flammable cotton to set it our with. It can be irritating to the eyes and skin if you are sensitive to such materials.
    • When using "Artificial Snow" make sure you follow the manufactures directions carefully, as this stuff can be irritating to your lungs if inhaled accidentally.
    • If you plan on having your children help in decorating the tree, make sure that all ornaments that can break or if your using metal hooks that they are positioned a little higher towards that top of the tree.
    • And speaking about trees, try to find the freshest cut tree there is on the lot or farm. This in turns assures you of having a more fire retardant tree. Remember to always keep fresh trees away from heat sources, and watered as not to dry it our too soon. With artificial trees, especially ones that already come lit, make sure you inspect the wiring before installation begins. Especially if the tree is several years old.
    • When using ladders, a proper step ladder is ideal instead of furniture like tables and chairs.
    • Lights are a big part of the holiday season and so make sure there are no frayed strings, or broken bulbs. Check for worn plugs as well.
    • Christmas also means that plants play a part in decorating. Poinsettia's (some which are poisonous) show up in homes at this time of year. Make sure to keep them away from kids, and away from animals. If needed, you can reach the National Poison Control Center by calling this number: 1-800-222-1222, in case of an emergency.
    • Make sure paths to walk through are clear of clutter, such as wrapping paper and the like. Toys, games, and even floor standing decorations can be a cause for people to trip and fall. Especially older persons who may have difficulty walking.

    Other safety tips for the season:
    • Stay away from toys with small parts which can be hazardous for small children
    • Batteries can be a safety hazard, especially around small children. Button batteries or coin lithium batteries, can be trouble if digested by a young child.
    • Some toys have been recalled this year and so it is important to check with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on their website to see which ones have been. Some local cities may have recall notices on theirs sites as well so check there too.
    • Did you know that some 12 percent of candle fires actually start during the month of December? So make sure candles are not left unattended or lite when going out.
    • Fireplaces can be of concern, as more combustible items are more exposed (such as wrapping paper) during the season and can cause an accidental fire in the home. It its recommended not to burn wrapping paper, trees or wreaths in you fireplaces as well. One more thing, always have your chimney and fireplace checked and least once a year. Especially if you use it a lot during the fall and winter seasons!

    Food Safety:
    • One of the biggest things that has been trending is Deep-Frying Turkeys. Thanksgiving and Christmas have seen that number of people frying turkeys increase from year to year. Did you know that over 168 reported injures caused by accidents related fryers have been called in to the Consumer Protection Safety Comm., since 2002 and the numbers keep rising. Some $8 million in property damage has been cause by these related fryer accidents. The National Safety Council has guidelines on proper safety handling of fryers on their website for more information.
    • Some other food handling tips, for when your heading to that holiday get together. Never rinse raw foods like meats or poultry before cooking. Food thermometers are your biggest friend when checking to see about food temps, and refrigerate cooked food within 2 hours. Leftovers can still be good for up to 4 days. Cut your turkey leftovers in smaller pieces so they can cool faster. And remember. . . always wash hands a lot when cooking foods.

    Travel Safety:
    • Well this is the last thing on the this tutorial (I know, thank goodness it's way to long as it is).
    • "JUST USE GOOD OLD COMMON SENSE!" More people travel by auto than any other way during the holidays, and it usually has the highest rate of accidents in the country during this time.
    • Just make sure your don't overdo it when partying and just keep a good head on your shoulders when it comes to travel. Especially if you have loved ones that are counting on you to get them where ever your going safely! Don't drive too fast if it's snowing, don't drink and drive, always buckle up when driving (most states, if not all require this anyway), and just make sure you watch out for the other drivers who may not be as "SMART" as you.

    Well that's about it, (if it isn't, I can find more).

    "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

    Holiday Safety information adapted from The National Safety Council Website 2016 article "Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season". With additional content resources also adapted from same article as "Other Resources" from Safe Kids Worldwide and The Consumer Products Safety Commission.

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    These are all really great to keep in mind. Also, I think that everyone should read them because I think sometimes we all just need a reminder.


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      Originally posted by DaniDavidson View Post
      These are all really great to keep in mind. Also, I think that everyone should read them because I think sometimes we all just need a reminder.
      Thanks, that was my thought as well, since everyone's so busy during this time of year, I thought it would be a good reminder for all of us! Thanks again for your comment!


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        All good things to remember.
        Check out my Christmas reviews.


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          Originally posted by DaniDavidson View Post
          These are all really great to keep in mind. Also, I think that everyone should read them because I think sometimes we all just need a reminder.
          Sorry, I was too busy on my phone to read this, and I was up on my swivel chair hanging lights while checking my phone, and I had some of that cotton candy angel hair I was eating while re-reading, wait, I didn't read it, it just rained here, does that matter while I hang my hacked light strands with wires hanging out Christmas lights?

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            edwin, of course it doesn't matter. At least I don't think it does. Let us know how that works for you.

            Great thread, Falasben.


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