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  • Hot glue Snowflakes

    here ya go Sickie aka hotglue guru

    How to for Snowflakes

    cut snowflakes out of paper
    set under parchment paper
    trace with your hot glue gun on low
    glue around the cut out parts and the outer edges
    lay a reg size bead glue or it will be to flimsy
    connect all pieces
    let cool
    peel off paper
    have patience with these ..very tediuos

    new glittered minis

    for more ,including mini snowflakes now
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    YAY! XMASLILLY! I've been figuring out hot glue ornaments, and this goes well with my ideas. Georgeous! I can't wait to see more!

    (If anyone needs any colored hot glue, just click on my link in my signature. )
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      That is a great idea! Will have to try that! Thanks, xmaslilly!
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        Oh I like soon as I get time I will take a better look here!

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          What a great idea, they are so pretty and delicate looking. I will have to give them a try sometime. My glue gun only has a high temp setting, would that work, or would I need a low-temp gun?
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            I did do the large ones on high temp, so you should have no problem .
            It is easier to control the glue on low thats all.


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              These are beautiful. I thought I would revive this thread. I'll bet you could add color to them if you wanted to using acrylic paint.


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                Love doing this with my daughter every year.. Ours only last about 2 years before they start cracking and turning yellow


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                  I guess then you just have a reason to make some more.


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                    How pretty! I wonder if this is something you could do right ON a window? That would look really cool, but then maybe the temperature of the glass would affect it, since I'm in Michigan = cold. Or maybe on a mirror?
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