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  • Snoopy's Christmas Doghouse

    This is a project I had been wanting to build for a long time. I started constructing it in the fall of 2016 and it took me until December of 2018 to finally get it finished and displayed. After seeing several versions of Snoopy's doghouse online over the years, which all looked fantastic I might add, I wanted to try to make (as close as I could) an EXACT replica of Snoopy's decorated doghouse--just like it looks in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. That's why it took me so long, plus the fact I'm a hopeless perfectionist. I also found a large Snoopy plush doll on E-bay that I gutted and installed a small motor to create a "waving Snoopy" to go along with the house.
    I'm pleased with the way it turned out and I received lots of positive feedback on it. I've been itching to post it on here to see what you all think of it.

    I built it as a "fašade", since only the front and sides are visible. I saw no reason to waste wood on the backside that nobody could see. this also helped to make it easier to assemble and dis-assemble for storage.

    [/url]" class="bbcode-attachment thumbnail" alt="" />

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    Hear are a couple of YouTube videos of my doghouse in action:

    And Waving Snoopy:


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      Great job. Looks good.


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        very cute!


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