DIY Snow Globe (No Water) Very easy!

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  • DIY Snow Globe (No Water) Very easy!

    My wife made these this year for people at my work. We wanted to give everyone something but couldn't afford much so she decided to make these instead.
    She added extra decor to them and everyone really enjoyed them a lot. I helped her make a few and they are really easy and take no time at all!

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    I used to think that all of these needed water to look nice but these actually look wonderful without it! I think I have a bit of fake snow glitter left over. I might have to try one


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      Those are really cute and your wife did a great tutorial.


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        I like them but I am a sucker for traditional ones with water in them. Yeah, they are messier to work with but I have made some decent ones. I just like to be able to shake them and watch everything slowly fall.


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