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  • 2016 Secret Ornament Exchange

    It is time for more fun on the forum. Our annual Secret Ornament Exchange works like Secret Santa. After everyone has signed up we draw names to see who will be the lucky recipient of your wonderful Christmas ornament/s. So let's answer a few questions you may have.

    WHO CAN SIGN UP? All current members in good standing. If you are reading this that probably means you.
    You must have been an active member for at least 3 weeks and have at least 15 legitimate posts, 10 of which must be NON-game related. Long standing members on HalloweenForum are exempt from the 3 week rule.

    HOW DO I SIGN UP? Post your intent to participate on this thread and then send a PM to Just Whisper. Include your NAME, ADDRESS, and some ideas to help choose appropriate ornaments for your tree. Examples: jewel tones, Disney theme, antique looking, no glass, racing enthusiast, etc.

    HOW MUCH DO I NEED TO SPEND? There is no minimum or maximum spending amount. Your ornaments may be store bought, handcrafted, second hand, or a combination of all of these.

    HOW MANY ORNAMENTS DO I SEND? No limit here either. Most people send around 3. You will only have to send an ornament to one person.

    SIGN UP DEADLINE will be Nov 28. I will draw names and assign your recipient on Nov 29.

    SHIPPING DEADLINE will be Dec 14.

    Notify me when you have shipped your ornament, and please get a tracking number when shipping. Be sure to pack your ornament with love and a lot of bubble wrap if it is breakable.

    If you have any questions post here or send me a PM. I will post participants names at the bottom of this post as they sign up.

    The following people have signed up for fun:
    Just Whisper

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    I'm so excited

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      I'm in! Sending PM now.
      Glitter is like the herpes of all holidays - once you have it, you can't get rid of it!!!



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        Oh yes! Will send off my PM....


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          I'm in! Sounds like fun!!



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            This is awesome. I've been gone from the forum for years and you're still running this. I love this. Count me in. ☺
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              For those who don't know buddytheelf, he is the one who started this great tradition. Glad to have you back, and participating.


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                Anyone who has recently signed up and has not sent me a separate PM for gift exchange please do. These go on a different list from the card exchange so I have to keep them separate.

                Also, PLEASE remember to include suggestions for your secret elf to choose ornaments picked especially for you. For example: I collect musical instrument ornaments, our tree is done in blue and silver, we decorate with toys,I love reindeer and Charlie Brown, etc.


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                  Are we still doing this?
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                    Yes, Buddy. My apologies. I have been helping my daughter get moved, all day for 3 days. And so much cleaning of her apt. LOL. Come home late, exhausted. I will get on it today. Thanks for the reminder.


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                      I sent out the names a couple days ago. But when I check my SENT box of mail I am missing some of you that I am sure I sent messages to. If you have not received your elf's name please contact me ASAP.


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                        I received the most adorable kitty ornament a couple of days ago.... No idea who it's from... But I love it I will post a picture soon!
                        my pinterest page: pinterest.com/betheneg


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                          Sweet. I love kitties so I cannot wait to see it. I finally had a chance to go up town for some shopping today. The only thing worse than our Christmas tree selection this year is apparently the tree ornament selection. Even Hobby Lobby only had a small little display of ornaments left. Everywhere I went the Christmas decor was pretty much wiped out already. Looks like my elf is getting homemade ornaments.


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                            my pinterest page: pinterest.com/betheneg


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                              That looks just right on your tree.


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