Christmas Lighting at Lowes

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  • Christmas Lighting at Lowes

    Have you seen the displays going up? They have a whole line of Disney decorations and lighting this year (did they have it last year - I didn't see it). I'm not usually into projection lighting but have to say that the Disney display put a little tingle of a jingle in my Christmas bell!

    I was most interested in the Gemmy LightShow Constant White LED Multi-Design Christmas Tabletop Projector.
    The description:
    • Synchronize your lighting into one magical light show
    • 6 output slots
    • Built in speaker and ground stake
    • MP3 compatible to create light shows with your own music

    Other than the list above it doesn't give much more information.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm going to see if they have the Disney stuff on their website.


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      Thx again for the heads up on the Disney Christmas items at Lowe's! I've been wanting an outdoor Christmas countdown clock. Lowe's has a Disney Christmas countdown clock. My little one loves Mickey Mouse. So, I ordered it tonight for in store pick up. I'm excited! I hope it works as advertised. Thx again.


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        They have a huge FURRY inflatable bear I want.


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          MerryMunchins - I saw some of the Disney decor in person and it was adorable - I hope the countdown clock is magical for your little one!

          They're bringing back vintage looking blow molds too!


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            JW - Walmart has an enormous furry inflatable bear too. Not sure if it's the same as the one at Lowe's or if the price is the same.

            Staci - my munchkin and I love the Disney countdown clock! It was easy to set and it displays well on our garage door.


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              Have not seen that, but Home Depot has giant light bulb strings this year. I will see if I can find link, well I thought I saw these at Home, but here is link to ebay.

              [URL=" rms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3 D20150313114020%26meid%3D82e73cbecdea4390b0d7604bb 1f32a06%26pid%3D100338%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D28%26sd%3D 201705458591"[/URL]
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                I love the Disney countdown clock projection! I also really like the snowflake projection they have. I'm thinking about doing both


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                  I agree that I"m going to have to look and see if they have anything Disney. I think that would end up being a pretty cool display.


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                    My boyfriend almost got one of these but we just stuck with regular lights since we were on a budget. Lowes has so many cool things for Christmas though! I don't think people even realize it!


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                      Originally posted by DaniDavidson View Post
                      I agree that I"m going to have to look and see if they have anything Disney. I think that would end up being a pretty cool display.
                      Im not sure what all Disney stuff was in there, but I bought the remaining Christmas stuff from our local lowes yesterday, Ill dig it out and see...Don


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