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    Just wondering if anyone out here is excited about this christmas and why?Just thought this would be a great way for us christmas lovers to share a bit of our home to everyone out here,if you have a new home and your planning on making it a special christmas or you have decided to go big for christmas please share your ideas or photo's or if your someone like me who yes,has a new home and going to make it an old fashioned New England Christmas.As i'm making alot of my own decor from the white birch i have around here and fresh pine,also making my own pine scented candles and a few cinnamon as i'm trying to recreate those old christmases of our past and will be doing that christmas dinner which most will be made from scratch.I'm excited and i feel it's a nice way to celebrate that true meaning of christmas with that special little something that adds the warmth of this holiday,it's family,friends and sharing the love of family.Would love to hear your ideas/plans for this holiday season.Click image for larger version

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    We got another puppy a couple weeks ago and he is a Newfador (Newfoundland/Labrador). I don't know what he will be like when the Christmas tree comes out but we will have to wait and see. Right now we are going through the baby stage which is all naps, pees and poops, and let's not forget teething and chewing on everything. He has almost doubled in size since we got him and pretty cute. He is ten weeks old.

    I took this picture in the car when I went to pick him up.
    Click image for larger version

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    I am hoping to go to Vancouver, BC for Christmas to spend it with my family. My mother and all my sibling, but one, live down south and I have never spent a Christmas with them. I was raised here in Northwestern BC by my grandparents so I have never spent a Christmas with them.

    I am going to put up a living room tree but I don't think I will bother to put up my kitchen themed tree or my village this year since I am planning to be away. I think it will be better to introduce the new puppy to them next year when he is better trained to leave things alone.

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      mariem he is a cutie,i have a newfoundland-chow-tibetan mastiff mix and he's a beauty,Bear is 6 now and my pug is 14 and my bichon mix is 5 all rescues and so far none of them take any interest in the christmas stuff if anything they go find a spot and sleep lol,someday yours will to.I have christmas at my home every year as my mom was that way christmas was being at home with family and friends,going to string popcorn and cranberries this year that will be fun.


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        sleighbell we also have a Boston Terrier/Blue Healer mix and Emily is 4 1/2. She has never shown any interest in Christmas stuff either. The first time she saw the tree she just sniffed it and then ignored it. I put the tree up for a couple days without decorations and then decorated that first year with dollar store decorations just in case she decided to play with them. She never touches any of the decorations or the Christmas village. The puppy is still young and is so curious about everything and I have a feeling, judging by his emerging personality, that he won't be so considerate.

        Although she does like to sleep in my Halloween cemetery, and doesn't mind my props in my witches den, she hates TOTers and gets so stressed by all the princesses and super heroes. She gets so upset by them I have to put here in a kennel for Halloween. She has a better time playing with all the dogs at the kennel and comes home relaxed and not stressed.



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          I'm always excited about Christmas. I'm even more excited since we will be celebrating this Christmas in our new house!!! I'm getting all kinds of decorating ideas from Pinterest. I really hope our new neighborhood is a Christmas fanatic neighborhood. I'm hoping a lot of houses on our street will be decorated for Christmas.

          Congrats on your new home Sleighbells. Your plans sound great.


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            I am getting excited for it. I just hope it will be cooler this time unlike last Christmas it was warm.


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              Hmm. Not sure how I'm feeling just yet. Every other year, we spend with the Mother in Law in Arkansas, so this year we'll be at her house. But, I don't know if my daughter will be able to go and it would be weird without her. She's soon to be 19 so its no big deal her staying home (don't know if she can get off work) but I had to spend Christmas alone when I was 21 and it sucked! At least she will be at home with familiar (and decorated!) surroundings with Grandma & aunties nearby - I was in the Navy and in that limbo stage between commands, on the opposite side of the country from anyone I knew. I had a 12 inch tree on my hotel dresser. Woo.
              I still have that tree, tho!
              Glitter is like the herpes of all holidays - once you have it, you can't get rid of it!!!



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