Anyone still have Christmas Toys from Childhood?

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  • Anyone still have Christmas Toys from Childhood?

    I wondered if any other members still had kept any old toys from childhood that they received as Christmas presents.

    This was always one of my favorites and it still works after 40+ years. I think I got it from Santa when I was about 8 years old. It's called the "Strange Change Machine". You would place a small plastic cube into a heating chamber. Start it up and the heat would cause the cube to unfold into a creature, such as a dinosaur or a monster. One of the charcters was a Mummy. (I always thought that kind of weird.)
    Take the creature out of the chamber and play with it after it cooled and hardened. Then later put the creature back in the chamber, heat it up and put it in another part of the maching that was like a mini car crusher. You would turn a crank and smash the heated creature back into a cube shape, waiting to be re-born another time.
    I still have it in the original box and also the green "Lost World" plastic jungle where the monsters played. I used to fill one of the cavities in it with water to cool down the creatures after they were heated.

    A toy like this probably wouldn't even be legally allowed on the market today. Some kid would put his tongue in the heater chamber. Or put his pet gerbil in there. LOL

    Here's another of my favorites that I used to play with often: Lincoln Logs. I got this resent from my favorite uncle when I was around 10.
    I can remember my best friend and me dumping out all the pieces on the floor of my room and using on of the pictures in the instructions as a guide to build a log cabin. Then when we got tired of it, I would use a slow-moving, battery powered jeep I had and let it run into the cabin and knock it down. Fun times! I think only one or two pieces are missing after all these years.

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    Strange Change Machine $85 on Ebay currently (with the heating and compacting elements not working.)

    I wasn't really much of a toy person, as much as I was an artsy person- so no real toys saved for me.
    People really act weird at Christmas time. After all, what other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree in the living room and eat nuts and sweets out of your socks?


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      I have an old "Ernie" doll from Ernie and Bert. It is a cloth doll, but is missing his pants somehow.....
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        Originally posted by theedwin View Post
        I have an old "Ernie" doll from Ernie and Bert. It is a cloth doll, but is missing his pants somehow.....
        Oopsie! I guess Bert is the culprit.


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          I still have my Ernie & Bert hand puppets, Mrs. Beasly & Chrissy doll, pink plush bunny that held p.j.'s (from Easter) & every stuffed animal (except 1)...LOL


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            I have many He-Man toys from Christmas as a child. Some stuffed animals too.
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              I had a Raggedy Ann stuffed doll that I remember carrying with me everywhere. She finally fell apart when I was a teenager. Then recently I was in the Salvation Army & found her again! Her dress is slightly different from my old one, but she's got the same embroidered "I Love U" heart on her chest & everything, but in excellent condition and sturdier material for her face. She is currently sitting on my dresser.
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                I still have a musical Rudolph and a stuffed Fievel. I still remember the Christmases I got these two. I have them sitting on the bed in our guest room. I told hubby that I will never, ever get rid of them because they were special memories for me.


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                  First of all, Brandy, so nice to see you around here.

                  I am sad to have not kept anything from my youth. I have not made that mistake with my kids and have kept a lot of their toys, and all their books. They will be passed down to the grandkids, but will never leave my house. One cute toy I kept of theirs is Banana in Pajamas.

                  I was much like sickie. Once I got around age 7 or so my toys seemed to be more artsy, but mostly I liked to play outside and just do make believe stuff. I wish I had kept my jack in the box, baby piano, my Little Kiddles, and life size Raggedy Ann.


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                    I remember those Little Kiddles. My sister had some of them.


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                      Thanks Just Whisper!

                      There are some things my mom made me keep, like my Barbies. She said that I need to keep them so I can give them to my children. The children haven't come along yet, but maybe one day. Fievel and Rudolph were the two that I loved the most. I'm sure I still have some things at my mom's. Actually, I know I do. There's a teddy bear that I loved that still over there and I still have my Teddy Ruxpin. We spent a lot of time out doors, too, and the older I got, the more I went the "artsy/crafty" route. Some things I just couldn't bear to part with, though.


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                        I have my Strawberry Shortcake Doll set as well as the Berry Gazebo. I also have my Cabbage Patch Dolls. They are at my parents house and now my children play with them. The Strawberry Shortcake dolls bring back memories of my older sister and I crawling out to the living room on Christmas Eve. We could see my parents watching television in the family room...grabbed a few presents (curiously, mine only) went back to our room unwrapped and played with, then rewrapped and replaced back under the tree. Pretty Sneaky, Sis! We told my parents the story after we were adults and we all had a great laugh. Ahhh, Christmas.


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                          I have been re-collecting all the toys of my youth I have just about every 80s action figure you can imagine in my collection these days. Master of The Universe are my favorites of course.


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                            Hardwood triangles and diamonds, each an 1/8" thick in red, yellow, natural, green, blue, and black. They're used to create or recreate patterns. They're sometimes referred to as parquetry or pattern blocks or tiles. Here's a link to a more contemporary version...

                            Mine are considered vintage now and have a beautiful smooth and glossy finish that allows the wood grain to show through. I periodically search for them on Ebay and in thrift stores. They're not uncommon, but not easily found either. Last year, I found a complete set, boxed with their pattern cards, but when I received them I was surprised that they were smaller than my set. I keep looking!

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                              What a great idea for a thread!

                              All I have from my childhood is a small "pot metal" dump truck. Lord KNOWS how it survived long enough for my mother to keep it with her "treasures" I got it back when she passed, so I take a LIIIIIIIITTLE bit better care of it now.
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