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  • The gift that made you saw awwwwwwwwww....

    Have you received a gift that made your heart cry out with joy and say aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww? I did.. When my ex-best friend showed up on our Christmas party. We haven't seen each other for like 5 years because we had a BIG fight and he went outside the country.

    So when we saw him again that day, our jaws dropped on the ground. He smiled and apologized to everybody for not showing up after all this time. Then he gave everybody presents.. and when there was only one gift left on his hand, there were two of us who hadn't received any yet. He hadn't looked at me since he showed up, so I thought maybe he forgot mine. I was right! The last gift was for our other friend. Everybody looked at me and I got a little embarrassed. So I went outside to breathe fresh air. He followed me and when he saw me, he grabbed me by the hand and told me to follow him. I tried to resist but he was firm and strong. So I followed him. We got into his car downstairs and he drove. I wondered where we're going. But he remained silent. I was teary-eyed because I was abducted by a stranger. When he pulled over to the side of the road, he told me to get out of the car. Succumbing to his order, I followed him. We walked for a few minutes and I kept nudging him as to where we're going. He just took me by the hand and he stopped by a bridge overlooking a river. I remember the place! That's where we used to hangout when we were kids. I was amazed by the view at night that I didn't notice him pulling out something from his bag. It was an album. He gave it to me and asked sorry for what had happened 5years ago. He cried and I cried too. When I opened the gift, it was full of photos taken when we were young, when we were still together, photos I had already forgotten, pictures I didn't know existed. And at the end of the page, there was a huge inscription, saying I LOVE YOU. I was mad a little bit because after all those years, he chose to ignore me. But thankful, because finally we are together. (we had a fight by the way because I professed something to him during a truth or dare game, that maybe I love him, then he walked away w/o saying anything). That gift, I think, is the gift of him..

    What's your story?

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    I got an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!
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    Ok...So your trying to say i can't write off the electric bill for Dec as a charity event.....


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      I'm not sure that I've ever gotten an "awwwwwwwwwww" gift, but I've gotten a few that stand out.

      One that stands out the most was when I was about 19 and I had bought a car that didn't have a stereo. So for several months I was just rolling around with no music, no talk radio, no nothing. Just me and my thoughts.

      Then that Christmas my dad surprised me by having a CD player installed, and not only was it great to suddenly have music, but it was just a cool stereo with a blue neon display.

      Great gift and one of those things that was truly useful.


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        This is an easy one. To set this up, you have to understand that I live about 8 hours drive from my family and where I grew up.

        I had been dating someone for over a year and we had just recently moved in together and needless to say, there was much talk about celebrating our first Christmas together, etc. My mother was feeling low and I had been talking to her even more than normal. Unfortunately, I would not be able to make it home for any of the holidays as I had been laid off for a while, there was no money in the account and the new job provided no vacation or paid days off until I had been there for 6 months. Basically, I was poor with no time available.

        Well, I bet you have guessed it already. My gift was a plane ticket so I could see my mom for Christmas. I honestly think that was one of the best gifts I ever received and it certainly made me to "awwwwwwwww".
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