I'm mad at gravity.

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  • I'm mad at gravity.

    I was sitting out on the patio early Saturday morning, enjoying my coffee & the birds. Next thing I know, there's a huge crash inside my garage! Even my hard-of-hearing dog looked up when it happened. I went in the side door & saw a box had fallen over. So I opened the big door (we've never had a car in our garage, FYI) and the box that had been up against the door finished falling onto our grill with the lovely sound of shattering glass.

    It was one of my plastic ornament storage containers! For some reason it had been stacked on top of a heap of stuff so gravity or ghosts or something knocked it down. I counted at least 6 ornaments that I'd gotten from Bronner's in Frankenmuth destroyed.

    I'm not happy.
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    Relocate to the Moon, or at least Mars, and these problems won't be so severe. ;-)
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      Awe Lisa...I would just sit down and cry like a baby. I am so sorry to hear about your ornaments.



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        Thatís too bad. I know the feeling. Last Christmas my cat knocked ornaments I purchased in Toronto, Canada and Portland, Maine off the tree, they landed on the track of the train I have under it, and they broke. They canít be replaced.
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          Oh I feel your pain. We've all had an irreplaceable ornament(s) broken. It's enough to make you cry. (or say a few choice words!)
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            I have those wire closet shelves in my garage...was out there one day and one of my small crates sitting on the end of it fell off. I moved down from where I was to take a look, and the shelf I just moved away from came crashing down. Made a heck of a mess, broke some stuff....but I still wonder why the small crate fell moments before to get me to move (and not be where I was to get hurt by the larger crates that fell).
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