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    What does everyone think of weekday Christmas? Do you still celebrate on the day of or the weekend before? Or both, if you're like me. Do you do anything special to convince people to party on a usually inconvenient day?

    One reason I dislike a mid-week holiday is because most people around here choose to celebrate the weekend before instead. We're in for a few years of weekday Xmas, so it's time to get creative.

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    I celebrate on the day when ever it falls. To me it just would not seem the same to celebrate it on a different day. The rush of buying gifts on Christmas eve. Just would not be the same doing it on a day that the stores were not closing early. There would be too many choices earlier in the week.


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      Christmas is best on a Tuesday or a Friday. That way Christmas Eve is on a Monday or a Thursday, which you can take a vacation day for, and give yourself a 4-day weekend.
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        Christmas is great any day, but my least favorite days are Tuesday and Wednesday because I have to work the next day. I like to have the day after off. Where I work we canít take any vacation days in December, so that isnít an option.
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          Back when I was still working, I always enjoyed when Christmas fell on a Tuesday. It gave us the weekend to get last minute things done and Monday to slowdown and really enjoy the peace and contemplation of Christmas Eve.


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