Is it disrespectful to put christmas lights up before rememberence day??

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  • Is it disrespectful to put christmas lights up before rememberence day??

    Here in Canada we celebrate the war veterans every November 11th and every year I put up my Christmas display late October-November and there is always a lot of negative backlash over social
    I feel that all of the soldiers fought and died so that we could have the freedom to do what we want and I'm sure many would also cheer us on while we set up our displays and even give us a helping hand
    if we needed

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    The bigger displays start putting up their lights in September and October. It takes a lot of weekends to get the larger displays running.


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      if putting up lights before Remembrance Day is disrespectful, than so is going to the grocery store or getting gas or a manicure. It's just another task! Nothing to do with disrespect. Like Andy said, It takes time to put a display up and some people even put stuff up early, taking advantage of the nice weather.
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        I know some vets who don't like it and would prefer that people wait but on the other hand a lot of other veterans have said they fought for our freedom to be able to do things like this so they don't really object. I personally wait until after Remembrance Day out of respect for family members who are/were vets, even though some other family members really don't like it when they see decorations too early, but that is a personal decision for me. I know there is a lot of negativity from people who don't like it so I guess it is up to each person how they feel about it. I know I don't judge what people do, especially since I know how long it takes to get decorations put up. People have jobs and busy lives and there just isn't time to wait until the last minute if you are doing a lot of decorating. Who doesn't like looking at festive Christmas decorations? These days we need festive cheer more than ever. The complaints are made about Christmas trees in house windows and yard decorations but nobody really complains about Christmas lights.
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          Here in the states, if you are putting anything up before Thanksgiving, people complain. For us, that's the 4th Thursdays of November. But that's because people complain about Christmas being rushed at us.
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            It is hard to turn on the lights on Thanksgiving weekend if you don't start decorating until then. I have never had anyone complain about my setting things up starting the first week on November. But then I don't turn the lights on until Friday of Thanksgiving weekend.


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