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    Every once in a while, I'll see a change made to the standard Nativity Scene in people's displays. Usually the addition of Santa bringing a gift, or a humorous replacement of the Three Wise Men (Three Stooges, etc.).

    I'm wondering what everyone thinks about this. Have you ever done something to spice up the Nativity? Do you leave that scene alone completely due to possible differing religious beliefs in the neighborhood? Etc.

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    I am not overly religious but I do like to have a nativity. I don't put it out every year anymore though. I must still have some Catholic guilt because I still prefer my nativity set up the traditional way but I do like some of the alterations done to other people's nativities when they are done well, some are very elaborate and some very simple but both can be beautiful. Everyone has their own style and even that changes depending what we/they are going through during the season. If you want a cheerful nativity, why not, it was a celebration after all. Decorating should be whatever you want it to be, or the feeling you are going for. We don't judge here.

    What do you do with your nativity? Maybe we can "borrow" some fun ideas from you.



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      I have a small white porcelain Nativity that I bought right after high school when I joined the Navy. It gets displayed on a red scarf made out of a fire party shirt that I wore on my first ship. Then I have a white porcelain Santa and reindeer that I'll put on the same shelf, even tho they clearly don't go with the set, since they're much larger. But I like them all together. Sometimes I add a white feather tree to the shelf, too It looks really nice, because I display it on a shelf that's on a wall painted dark blue. Normally I like goofy, unexpected things, but I don't mess with my Nativity.

      I also have a different set (the crazy cat lady that I am) where all the characters are cats and baby Jesus is a kitten.
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        My family is mixed religiously so many times I'll stick to one color-changing angel in the display. This year though Kidrobot just released a Jesus action figure key chain that I think would look great in a display since it's small enough to be the baby version but looks like adult Jesus. Some other ideas of mine:

        The Guys from Workaholics as the Wise Men in a Half Christmas display

        The Buddy Christ from Dogma and Santa


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