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    We always put up a live/cut tree in the living room - normally a Douglas Fir and commencing last year, we are now also putting up an artificial in the "front room" so we have two trees visible from the street.
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      Originally posted by howard langston View Post

      I put it up June 25th (sometimes the 23rd or 24th) for Half-Christmas. It usually comes down around or right after the 4th of July. Then back up again in early December.
      That's really cool. I wish my wife would let me put one up that early


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        In my house we do both. Real tree in the family room and artificial tree in the living room
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          Yeah that's what we are going to do this year. Real tree downstairs and fake tree upstairs.


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            I'm really debating real vs fake this year. We just moved into our new home. During the move, hubby threw away our old artificial tree. (it was time to let it go-- it was old and worn out) and promised me we could get whatever I wanted this Christmas.

            Our new home has required some expensive updates/repairs so after pricing decent artificial trees, I'm thinking it's going to be too expensive to get a GOOD prelit tree.

            May have to go real this year... I avoid it because we have two giant dogs (one lab/great dane mix and one lab/pit mix) and they PEE on real indoor trees. UUGH.....

            Not sure what to do!


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              I've been thinking of maybe getting a real one this year. Haven't had one since 2010 so maybe I'm overdue!

              And now that I have a whole house (with more rooms than I need) I might put up 2 trees - a real one and a fake one. Not sure where I'd put the 2nd one.

              Maybe I could put up my usual fake tree in the same spot I put it last year, and then get a small real tree and put it in another room (maybe the basement?). I don't think I have enough ornaments for 2 full-sized trees anyway but I definitely have enough for a regular tree and a small tree.
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