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  • Ginormous reindeer

    I am wondering if anyone can suggest an idea about how to make this head down reindeer we built move up and down. The head weighs around 50-60lbs. We are trying not to use an air compressor due to the noise and we have looked at actuators but they are not slow enough and heavy duty enough to handle the weight of the reindeer head. I have attached a pic of the deer so you can see. Thank you for your help!

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    That is indeed ginormous. I can't think of anything that will effectively and quietly move something that large up and down. I don't think a wiper motor could handle that, but I haven't worked with them much. Perhaps instead of having it traditionally attached at the neck, you could mount it on the ground and have a narrow rod pushing it up instead of pulling it up. You could disguise it as a giant carrot.


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      I made one of those several years ago. Never thought about making the head move. I have enough problems keeping it upright with the winds I get here on top of my hill. The antlers make the head unstable. I had to reinforce that area several times this last year. Good luck.


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