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    Originally posted by SammySam22 View Post
    I'm not sad because I enjoy the moment. Like I live in each moment and there for I can fully accept it and embrace it. When you aren't in the moment you tend to feel like you missed out then end up wanting it back.
    That is a very nice way of putting it and I love that you can do that. Most people can't. I think it is something we lose when we get older because kids seem to do this effortlessly.


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      Originally posted by Fr0sty View Post
      I wish it would be more than a one day event. Like Christmas Week instead of day. The reason I say this is because I feel like there is not enough time to enjoy everything.

      That and I have to choose which family I go to each year. My wife and I rotate which sucks but both our families live in different states.
      I agree that it seems like there isn't enough time. I guess there is nothing from stopping us all from celebrating it longer... Just that most other people in my family are not keen on it haha


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        Originally posted by Britanica View Post

        Yeah it isn't like a depression. You actually said it the right way. It is like a disappointment. It sucks. I guess this is the same feeling kids have when they have to return to school after Christmas break lol
        Yeah I mean it is already going away. It never lasts long but the days seem to drag when it is around. And YEAH! That is probably what I was feeling... I don't want to go back to school!


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          I never had this. I mean I actually am happy when it is over. We do a lot of family parties from Thanksgiving till the 3rd week of January. We are still technically not done celebrating yet!


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