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    Does your family have any Christmas Traditions? The one that my family has is my mother has my sister and I open one present on Christmas Eve. The one present is always pjs. It's something that her mother always did with her, so now she does it with us.

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    One of my employees said they do just what you said. So they get to sleep in the PJ's, and open gifts in them in the morning. Great idea!

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      We have some yes, every year my mother will make us all cookies and give us each our own sack filled with them. It is usually like gold or silver and she puts them in tins.
      My own tradition is not lighting the star at the top of the tree till Christmas Eve. I don't know if anyone else does this or not.
      Also we do gifts Christmas Eve as well. Christmas day is strictly for family time and a good meal!


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        I take my munchkin on the Polar Express train ride. I pick a different city for the Polar Express train ride each year. This year, we went on the one in Saratoga Springs, NY. It was amazing! My favorite location so far! My munchkin and I get at least two sets of matching Christmas PJs. One for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day and another for the Polar Express train ride. We bake Christmas cookies just about every other day for about a month leading up to Christmas. We put on Christmas PJs and drive around various neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. We have lots more, but those are just a few.


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          All the family traditions we once had have came and went. I pretty much have my own now. I always make a batch of sugar cookies on Christmas Eve.

          I also keep my outside lights on from Christmas Eve sundown till December 26th morning.


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            My husband and I will do the decorating every year together and have pizza when we are done. Like a treat of sorts. We snuggle up and usually watch a documentary while enjoying it. Most of my family traditions kind of stopped when people moved away or passed away which is unfortunate. We also don't have any kids so we don't get to enjoy the little things with them like making ornaments and what not.


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