Seasonal enjoyments (food and drink)

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  • Seasonal enjoyments (food and drink)

    What are some food or drink items you only enjoy around this time of year?
    The only time I can get my hands on peppermint kisses is now. I tend to over do it and buy a HUGE bag and just enjoy them every day throughout December.
    A drink I usually enjoy, but have not seen yet (which makes me think they didn't sell any this year) was/is Vanilla Coke. That is my favorite drink and I am bummed I haven't been able to find it.

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    I love eggnog personally. That's my favorite drink during Christmas time. I can't think of a food though that I really look forward to.


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      Eggnog, candy canes, cheesecake, mint coffees, and really pretty much any other sweet treat I can only enjoy around this time of year. I am still enjoying most of it!


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