When did Santa stop coming?

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  • When did Santa stop coming?

    At what age did Santa stop coming to your house? My mother loves to still pretend that Santa comes to our house even though my sister and I both know that he's not real.

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    Santa has never stopped coming to my house!
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      Perpetual_Christmas That's awesome! Being able to still keep the Christmas spirit alive is awesome! I think that doing that is great. My boyfriends mom just kind of gives them the gifts. They don't have anything to do with Santa, which I think is sad. But, him and his brother are getting to that age. He's 21 and his brother is 16, so I get why they do that.


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        He never stopped coming to my house, either. I am 58 years old. As long as you still believe, you get a present from Santa.
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          Originally posted by DaniDavidson View Post
          At what age did Santa stop coming to your house? My mother loves to still pretend that Santa comes to our house even though my sister and I both know that he's not real.
          I dont need this type negativity in my life lmao.....like cb said if you believe thrn the magic and the memories come back year after year. I have small kids and keeping santa alive in my home is very important.


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            This stopped when I was around 11. My brother being older and learning he was not real (just a story to tell kids) spoiled that for me. I was devastated.
            I told myself as I got older I would never lie to my kids like that so I wont. The Santa part of Christmas is something I just don't do.


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              Santa has never stopped coming to our house! Even today, he makes his stop this Christmas. I've never stopped believing in St. Nick, especially after I read up on the history of him being a real person from which the tradition started and is carried on to this day. There are some really great books out there that anyone can read about how Santa Clause and or St. Nickolas began and how he has inspired the Santa Claus of today.

              I've always believed in the connection between God and Santa, in the love that we share and of the giving of gifts. How we share that love with family and friends and that extends to what the meaning of Santa is. God's love to us is extended through the person of St. Nick, not just in the giving of gifts, which God gave to us through his son Jesus, at his birth. But that gift of love is also given through the person of Santa Claus or St. Nickolas himself. These traditions are experienced throughout the world today.

              Yes the storybook character of Santa Claus is just that, a story, but the history behind the legend is real. So did I ever tell my kids about the fictional character, yes when they were old enough, but we also followed up with telling them that St. Nickolas was in fact a real person. So is there anything wrong in make believe? No....because it stirs the imagination in all of us!

              And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight . . . . "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!"


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                Santa still comes to our house, too! My daughter is 19 and still gets excited about opening presents. I think she enjoyed it more this year, because she actually did her own shopping for other people instead of depending on me taking her.
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                  He comes every year! I don't care how old I get, even when I was told he wasn't "real" I refused to listen.

                  My parents actually allowed me to continue believing because they knew it meant more to me than it did to my brother and sister.


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                    My husband will say he never came, it was an illusion! But I still mark all out gifts from Santa, even the ones I give him. He thinks it is cute but when we first started dating he wasn't keen on it haha


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                      I think for me it was when I was 6 which is a bit young. It got spoiled for me by my older brother who was 14 at the time (8 year age difference). It really sucked and my parents were very mad at him for doing it but I think that it just made me love all the other aspects of Christmas more. Like had I only been focused on Santa and gifts, I would have overlooked all the planning, the family time, the crafts, and just the general joy around the season.


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