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  • Inflatables

    I have a question for the community regarding inflatables. Personally my wife and I love old school blow molds and deny inflatables access to our yard Who here likes inflatables? Who here doesnt like inflatables? What is your take on them? It seems like people are torn on this subject. Some people I talk to love them while others dislike them entirely. How do you feel about them?

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    I think they are cute, but cheesy. I don't/won't use them because everyone else does and I like to create my own things. I am glad that people use them as it is at least something in their yard.
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      The pros of inflatables are:
      1) Decorating for Christmas is relatively quick and easy
      2) They don't take up alot of storage space
      3) They cover alot of surface area
      4) They can be elaborate and include sound, lights, and moving parts. Therefore you can have an elaborate display even if you don't have building skills.

      The cons of inflatables are:
      1) They can be really expensive
      2) They can be really poorly made
      3) They are constantly stolen
      4) They are relatively common so neighbors often have very similar displays.

      My husband and I don't dislike them but we prefer other types of Christmas decorations and do not buy them.

      Although I am in love with my inflatable movie screen and I am trying to figure out how to project a Christmas movie on my lawn for my neighbors as part of my display (at least one or two nights) without having my screen or my projector stolen.
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        I have 4 inflatables, 2 were purchased years ago and haven't been used in 4 years. 1 was purchased 2 years ago, used it once, does not work well in our climate,(snow globe) freezes up and fogs. The last one I got last year and I love it.

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          We have a collection already of 3 Christmas, which I plan to add at least two or three more to this Christmas, for a total of 5.
          I also plan to grow my Haunt Collection from 8 with 4 more to a total of 12.
          Eventually, I plan on making my yard a Santa's Village for Christmas, complete with everything else we have, for a Dancing Lights Show.


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            i like them, but it depends on which one it is. I do not like things like santa in an airplane or riding a harley. Too cheesy for my taste. Our neighbors have about 12 inflatables in their yard each year and I hate it. They put up some of the most beautiful lights in the neighborhood and then ruin it with way too many inflatables. It just looks tacky. Also, during the day they are turned off mostly and so they just have large puddles of fabric in their yard. On really windy or rainy days they are also turned off, so they look messy. I think a couple inflatables are fine...unless you have a grouping that go together and they are not all huge. I use to have a large polar bear but he wore out. Also, all my neighbors eventually got the same bear. He is in the trash now. I still have a small bear.

            I feel the same way about blowmolds. So don't hate me. Just put up what makes you happy. It's your yard. I am sure lots of people think my yard looks tacky, and I don't care. I know the kids love the neighbors yard with all the inflatables and my yard too. And that is who I decorate for. So go for it.


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              Originally posted by Just Whisper View Post
              . Also, during the day they are turned off mostly and so they just have large puddles of fabric in their yard. On really windy or rainy days they are also turned off, so they look messy.
              I just read online that around the country people are getting thier inflatable stolen.

              You must live in a really nice neighborhood if your neighbors can deflate their inflatables during the day while everyone is at work and not have them stolen.


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                Yes, i am lucky that i actually live in a very nice town where there is seldom any holiday theft. My neighborhood has had only the occasional acts of minor vandalism in the 10 years I have lived here. things like mounting my reindeer on each other. someone ran through my yard one year and tripped over the tie down on my giant bear and broke the legs off the blower. I still hate you, whoever you are. But it's one of those neighborhoods where we still leave our doors unlocked (no, I am not telling you where I live, LOL), and our keys in our car at night. I really feel lucky.


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                  INflatables can suffer from the weather here in mid MO. as well. A lot of folks use them around here. Guess they take their chances.
                  I personally don't like them. We have one family in town that covers their front yard. Not a blade of grass to be seen. LOL At night when on it kinda looks cool. In the day light it looks like they threw all their laundry outside.

                  The funniest inflatable I've ever seen was a Santa on a large front deck. Because of where they live ( just north of town) it's always windy so they strapped it's hands to the deck railing. Santa looked like he was mad has hell and doing his best to rip the banister off. LOL
                  There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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                    Or ex-neighbors across the street had one.The snowman was supposed to be decorating a tree.When the wind picked up it would get all tangled on itself. Then of course,during the day it was a "heap-O-nylon". I don't care for them,but at least it was an attempt to decorate for the holiday. Another neighbor has a "Santa Elvis Band" that is a least a mile long...
                    Ok I exaggerate, but the thing is huge and creepy.
                    The wind here can be hateful to inflates here,so you take your chances that,
                    #1 they don't blow down the street and take out the mailbox.
                    #2 they get a hole poked in them and the head deflates.
                    #3 large dogs use them as a "Pee Station".
                    A merry Christmas Uncle Scrooge,god save you"


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                      I have had some and still have some. Problem is that the weather here collects ice on them and snow and drags them down to ugliness and droopyucky.

                      The couple I have kept are strong and won't sag- like my soldier.
                      People really act weird at Christmas time. After all, what other time of year do you sit in front of a dead tree in the living room and eat nuts and sweets out of your socks?


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                        I have a couple and love them. Of course, I am one of the tackiest Christmas decorators on the planet. But the kids seem to love 'em, too, and that is why I decorate to begin with. LOL
                        PE- if you unzip the back of the snowglobe a little bit, sometimes that will keep it from fogging up inside.


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                          I like them, but I like blow molds too. This year I am going to do snowmen and will have 4 or 5 'mixed media' types of snowmen in the yard. One set you can see a preview of in the tutorial section, I started making them today.

                          I have a matched set of blow molds, I have some fabric framed ones and a 4ft air blown one. Then I've got the half vacuum formed ones you hang in the window. Last week I ordered the stuffable snowman from sky mall, can' wait to see if it is any good. We'll see how it all comes together.
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                            It is so interesting how everyone has a different take on inflatables. I think in our area they do not look as nice because of the weather as well. I love any decor people put up even inflatables, but I was just curious what everyone thought of them. Inflatables do make it easier to enhance the size or your display alot faster. We also hear about alot of inflatables being stolen in our town. Mostly I hear about late night hooligans slashing them and destroying them. That would anger me so much if I had an inflatable and lost 200.00 just like that.


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                              I don't own any and like to use my creativity making my decorations. Although I do love the one Papa Noel has on his porch the Santa. That looks really good there.


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