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    Hello all,

    Normally I do up a lot (I mean A LOT) of candy for Christmas but this year with bad timing and all I wasn't able to give it the attention it deserved so I did up some cake balls for the locals. It is a real simple recipe but it packs a lot of flavor and wow factor.

    1 box cake mix
    1 can frosting
    2 pounds confectionery coating (like Wilton's at Micheal's)

    Yes, that's it. It has unlimited potential though. I did up red velvet with cream frosting, chocolate with fudge, white with vanilla, milk chocolate with mint, and strawberry with vanilla.

    Just back the cake in a standard sheet pan, let cool a couple hours. Break up and put in a stand mixer. Add about 1/2 the can of frosting. I like about 2/3 but 1/2 is a good place to start. Blend until it is homogenous, I think clay like. Let set, covered, in the fridge over night. Make the balls, a little cookie scoop that does about a tablespoon is perfect. Remember, the smaller it is the more someone will eat without thinking about it. Roll round.

    You can let them get a little "crust" on the outside by letting the sit for about an hour on the table. Makes it a little easier to dip.

    Melt the coating. You can also use chocolate but that does have to be tempered. I have a machine that can but it's a bit much for most people. There is a new scoop by Wilton that is great for dipping but if this is the only one you will be doing a carving fork should work for you. Just dip them in the coating, tap off the extra and place on a wax paper covered sheet pan. After they are all dipped place in the fridge for a half an hour.

    Bring to room temp before feasting.

    Possibilities are endless, think pumpkin cake with cinnamon frosting, Grasshopper, yellow, ect. What ever you can find go for it.


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    sounds yummy to me.


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      How did I miss this thread? This is a must try. It does sound delicious. And fattening.


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        Just read where "Crumbs Bake Shop" has closed it's doors nationally all at once. I guess the cupcake wonderment is over! They say these were about the size of a softball and were between 400 and 800 calories. I think the fad is over, now grandma can not worry anymore about being out baked by some dessert restaurant! Oh well, I will just keep baking my own, they taste better anyway!


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          The fad is not over. Crumbs was up to their necks in debt. They had no option but to close, run and hide.
          The only people who grow old were born old to begin with


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            Originally posted by Rybcon View Post
            The fad is not over. Crumbs was up to their necks in debt. They had no option but to close, run and hide.
            I don't know.....people who are in the business are saying that it has run it's course. I mean there will always be cupcakes...don't get me wrong on that. But I think the fad is starting to wain a little. But hey...I'm only repeating what was said on the news and by restaurant annalist. It may be kind of like Krispy Kreams, they took a hit because of the healthy living fad, but not all of them closed. Unfortunately, Crumbs filled for bankruptcy and had to close all of their stores in the process. Kind of hard for me to pay 5 to 8 bucks for a cupcake, no matter how good it is. But that's just me!


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              I make these alot,christmas i decorate them many ways as i do them for Easter.


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                Wow, I hadn't heard of these before, but they sound amazing. I am totally going to have to try and make these.


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                  I have never tried making them but I have purchased them from a bakery before and they were fantastic! I actually thought they would be a lot harder to make than this.
                  I am going to bookmark this and give them ago at the start of the new year just for fun


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