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  • Peppermint Toppers

    This is not so much a recipe as just a fun option to do.
    You buy a roll of peppermint cookies, the kind that stays in the fridge. In stead of cutting it, you break it into small balls and roll them up.
    Cook them like normal and right after you take them out the oven, use peppermint Hersey kisses and press them lightly into the middle.
    You can also add in some sprinkles too if you want. It is just a fun way to make a different kind of cookie!

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    Great idea!! I actually have an unused thing of the cookies in the fridge. I will have to give it a try. Good think I over stock on the peppermint kisses. I buy bags upon bags because I enjoy them with my coffee


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      It is funny I am seeing this here. My wife actually did the same thing this past Christmas! We were short on time so had to get instant cookies. Our oven kind of just died on us in the middle over her making cookies so we had to wait to get a new one which made us super short on time. Needless to say she got creative and these came out perfectly! She used the Pillsbury peppermint roll of dough.


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        Ah these are like them peanut butter and kisses cookies! My sister in law makes those and this amazing peanut putter pie every year. I will have to try these and play it off like I made them from scratch haha


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