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  • Sweet Christmas Cookie Ideas

    Among all the holidays and events that cookies are great for, Christmas has to be the greatest. Cookies are wonderful for snacks, design additions for the holidays, or just to give to Saint Nicholas. From delicious treats to wonderful gift ideas, cookies are among the top choices. There are so many ideas for making Christmas cookies that it would be impossible to name them all. In many cases you can add design to cookies while still making them more flavorful. The following, however, are a few great tricks for making luscious Christmas cookies.

    Stained Glass Cookies
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    Stained glass cookies are a wonderful idea for Christmas. They look clever and stylish, and are very tasty. To make these luscious cookies, start by cutting rolled cookie dough into any shapes you desire. Take away the inside of the cut-out cookie in the same shape, while leaving an edge of about Ω or a small bit more. Place the cookies on cookie sheets lined with aluminum foil and fill the centers with ground lifesavers. Bake these until the candy is melted and the cookies are browned slightly. Make sure to cool them before taking them out of the pan. These luscious Christmas cookies make for a great treat any time during the holidays, whether you live near a church or not.

    Chocolate Dipping
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    To turn an ordinary cookie into a decorative and more delicious cookie, dip it in a bowl of melted semi-sweet chocolate. After covering the cookies in chocolate, you can decorate them in several different ways. Sprinkling with finely chopped nuts, crushed peppermint sticks, or toasted coconut adds a burst of flavor and a wonderful touch of design. The combination of chocolate and other flavors enhances any cookie tremendously. By dipping in chocolate and adding a covering, you can turn any plain cookie into a luscious Christmas cookie.
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    Cookie Gift Ideas

    Many great Christmas gifts can be made with cookies or cookie items. Tracing patterns, using cookie cutters, on thick, bright-colored paper to make gift tags is a great idea for Christmas. Brown paper lunch bags, that have been stenciled and decorated, make for unique gift packages. Adding curled ribbon around the brim or on the paper itself is also a great idea for these packages. Writing the recipe on a home-made card and including it with your luscious Christmas cookie gift package adds flare and a personal touch. These inexpensive ideas can be used in nearly all situations.
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    Thanks for posting this. My family usually just makes the crescent shaped cookies for Christmas but I'd like to change it up a bit and try something new. I'll have to give this a try.


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      Thanks Autumnk !

      check out this video tutorial, I found it helpful:

      let me know how they turn out


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        Thank you! That looks much easier than I thought it would be. Those are so pretty I'd love to send some to school with my daughter for her teachers. Did you try the recipe?


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          This is the first year since I was a child that I have not done any baking yet for Christmas. I usually do trays up for the local offices and for my friends and neighbors but this year...nada. I am totally off my routine this year because I will not be home for Christmas everything is different for me this year and I am having a bit of trouble adjusting.

          These are some of the cookie I have done each year. I also do mint bars & butter raisin bars and sometimes date squares.



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            Those look good mariem! The little snowmen ones are super cute


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              Oh man, this topic is making me hungry... I love baking and never seem to find time to do it. My kids would absolutely love the snowmen marshmallow and the stained glass cookies.



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