Do you shop evenly, money wise?

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  • Do you shop evenly, money wise?

    I tend to keep it even, spending the most on my parents, the second most on my siblings and grandparents, then the least on aunts/uncles, cousins, ect.

    I will spend around $80 on each parent, then around $45 on my siblings, then everyone else I do about $25.

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    We tend to just purchase gifts for the immediate family now, since ours has grown so big with all the rest of the family since some have gotten married and the family has grown even bigger. We we do purchase gifts we tend to keep it even for my son and daughter. For us, we spend about the same for each other or sometimes we buy a gift together if it's something big we want. Sometimes we don't buy a gift at all for each other as we may not really need anything.

    After 35 years of marriage, we tend to have quite a bit of stuff built up over the years, and in most cases we buy stocking stuffer's for the two of us.


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      Try as I might, I can't shop evenly. I try to set aside $100 every year for one big gift for one family member, because every year someone needs something expensive. A kid wants a new game, an older kid needs funds for college, etc.


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        We try to spend evenly by groupings - grown kids, parents, siblings on my side, niece and nephew - my side. On my wife's side, our new tradition is to set a monetary limit ($100) and then draw one name of a family member and buy for them - works out great! As far as each other, my wife and I both have everything we really need so it's generally more practical gifts - socks, sweat shirts, sweaters, a can of Simonize, whatever - no limits.


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          For my large family, when we get together at Thanksgiving, we write down our name with some gift ideas to put in a hat and everyone draws a name. There's usually a $25-$35 limit. I also use this as an opportunity to get rid of some nutcrackers - whoever's name I get, they get a nutcracker from my collection. I have enough to spare!

          At home there's just 3 of us so here soon I'll start jotting down ideas and picking things up here & there. Hubby & I will send each other "suggestions" in the form of links to items online (he's the worst to buy for!!!) and we all always get the "socks & underwear" box
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            Lisa your like me we have a small family only 3 of us...i dont buy for any relatives that live away from only 3 of us here..we say we are gonna have a limit of $20-$25 each and we give each other than money and they go buy what ever they want but give it back to us to wrap.and no one gets them till christmas..everyone is happy boom done..haha its become surprises...but...everyone is happy..


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