What age do you think it is hardest to shop for?

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  • What age do you think it is hardest to shop for?

    A lot of people say the teen years but I find that 30's and 40's are the hardest. My husband and I are great examples. We both know each other so well but never know what to get one another.
    Kids are a piece of cake, specially the younger ones. Then teens, well you just give them a giftcard to somewhere and they are pleased. lol

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    I'm not sure. I mean kids under 10 are usually easy because they have such general likes and dislikes. I would say teens are up there. I mean unless you get gift cards which I never cared to do myself.


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      Yeah - my husband is the hardest to shop for. Whatever gadget or thing he wants, he buys himself! Except for his new calendar - I'll get him that.

      We send each other links to items as "suggestions"

      My daughter (20), I'll either pitch in for the new tattoo she wants or gift/gas cards. She's got a lot more expensive tastes than I do!

      For the rest of my family, we draw names at Thanksgiving and set a $ limit, usually $25. Then when we get together again on Christmas Eve, we have a cheesy light up necklace we have to wear while opening our gift. (which sounds good, but one or the other of my sisters always buys for the other 2 of us and that makes things awkward)

      Glitter is like the herpes of all holidays - once you have it, you can't get rid of it!!!



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