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  • Favorite Gift as a Child?

    What was the best gift that you got as a child? I would have to say that mine was a Ferbie. Those were so awesome when I was growing up. I had about 4 of them and they would drive my grandma nuts. She made me put them in another room because sometimes they just would not shut up.

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    When I was 5 or 6....I got a Raggedy Ann doll and she was never far from me. I took her everywhere & did everything with her!! She got so worn, stained & threadbare & I was really upset when she finally fell apart (OK, I was like 24 when she finally did in, but still). Then one day at the Salvation Army a year or two ago, I saw that familiar orange yarn hair....I found a brand new doll - exactly like my old one, except with a different dress. Of course I grabbed her up!
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      Lisa, I had a 30" Raggedy Ann doll that my uncle bought me when I was a baby. Mine too went everywhere and has several stains and stitches and honestly is too fragile to pass on to my daughter. Whether I got her for Christmas or not I don't know.

      I was an only child and my parents struggled to get by but I always had four or five presents under the tree. One year I got a Polaroid camera, another a keyboard, but probably my favorite was the Spirograph set I got when I was 8 or 9. I lost a few pieces and wore out the pens that came with it pretty quick. I remember using it in high school to decorate my notebooks too. Hubby and I were cruising the toy aisles at Walmart a few weeks ago when I spotted one (had no idea they still made them). I really wanted to buy it but told myself that my daughter is not quite old enough for it yet.


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        My favorite Christmas toy was a Johnny Eagle Magumba rifle and pistol set. They looked and functioned like real guns and had hard plastic bullets that shot from spring-loaded cartridges. Totally non-PC by today's standards but in the early/mid-'60s, they were non plus autre!


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