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  • Buying Presents For Loved Ones

    Do you sometimes have a hard time figuring out a gift to get your loved ones? I know that I do, which is why I usually ask them to give me a list of things that they want. I did that with my sister this year, and I bought her a nice winter jacket that she wanted. I think that it just makes thing much easier.

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    I usually ask my grandsons what they want. They will usually be very specific about what to get them. Even down to the exact link to order the present. I usually give my daughters money and let them buy what they want. I usually try to give my son in law something that my daughter says he would like. That way they get something they want and not something to go into a yard sale.


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      I have a horribly hard time shopping for my husband. He is not a typical man who likes sports, movies and beer lol... Which I LOVE about him! I'm not into any of that stuff either so it works! Well, I have a soft spot for some movies... hehe
      But yeah I struggle with him every year. I have to be super creative or else I just end up getting him clothes.


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        I have a hard time shopping for my family. Not all of them but most of them. This is because most of them are really not heavily invested in anything. Most don't watch sports, or care too much for movies or shows, or even have general hobbies.


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