TV vs Projector; any preference?

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  • TV vs Projector; any preference?

    Iím in the process of building a ďSantaís VillageĒ for my front yard and Iím debating on whether or not I should use a projector for the scenes in the windows or use a TV instead? What do you guys think?

    The only reason Iím considering TVs is because I have a couple extra 32Ē TVs I can use instead of 2 new projectors (I have one projector now, but need 3 for this) The downside is that Iíll be limited to the windows being 32Ē diagonally. I think that might be too small.

    I need to figure out this problem first before I start building the walls and cutting out windows. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Are you wanting to hang the TV on the window? I have done both. I will say the projection looks better in the window than the TV did. I had to drape a black sheer cloth over my TV to make it not look like a TV. Mine was for a Halloween projection. I would try it and see what it looks like.

    Also the Home Depot Black Friday ad is out and the projector they sell that comes with projections will be on sale for $29...I believe.


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      I would recommend the projector. It looks better and it can be adjusted easier. But if your looking to not break the bank on your display then I would go with the 2 TVs you already have.


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