Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and Contest!!!

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  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and Contest!!!

    Every year for the past 5 years, a friend of mine has hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and it is always a huge hit! Hit up your local thrift store for a Christmas sweater or even make your own if you're crafty enough. By using recycled and/or second-hand clothing you will be saving money on your holiday outfit(s )in an eco-friendly way!

    Also, I found out that this website is having an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest and you can win a LOT of money. Just send in a photo of you wearing an ugly Christmas sweater! I'm definitely going to enter this year.

    Happy Holidays!

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    It's ironic you just posted this... I was just on our AHL hockey team's website about five minutes ago and they revealed this year's Christmas Jersey design. GASP!!!! The hockey jersey is an 'Ugly Christmas Sweater'!!!! Oh my gosh! It is getting greeted with MIXED reviews!! LOL Either they are going to sell like hot cakes or going to tank! WOW!

    This ugly Christmas Sweater thing is big I guess? LOL
    ~ Angel Grant


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      LOL! Last year my daughter went to one of these parties & bought a plain white sweatshirt & some green glitter. So we made a BIG Xmas tree on the front & covered it in green glitter. Then I took some Dollar Store reindeer & presents picks & pulled the picks out then sewed the decorations all over the sweatshirt. It looked truly AWFUL!

      Only comment she got is that is wasn't a sweater......Semantics!


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        Haha! YES! I love that this trend is still going strong

        This year, I'm going to rock a hand-decorated Ugly Christmas Cardigan to spice it up. I'm thinking of sewing on tiny ornaments all over the garment so I can jingle and jangle whenever I move.


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          I love it! Ugly sweater contests are one of the best things about Christmas.


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            This is so fun, at my college for my major we have like a writers ugly christmas sweater party. It's really nerdy, but it's a lot of fun. It was cool to see all the students and the profesors all dressed up in tacky christmas wear.


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              Anyone know of any online ugly christmas sweater competitions going on this year?? Think i'm going all out this year haha I've just ordered a pretty funny ugly christmas sweater (from here) I might add some LED lights to it to make it more unique and pop out more... I'm definitely going to be wearing it to work though


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