Have you ever had a Christmas party go sour?

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  • Have you ever had a Christmas party go sour?

    in 2013, my friend hosted a Christmas/Winter celebration part. He had invited a lot of people over and I helped him set everything up.

    Everything was fine until people started drinking too much. Someone's girlfriend got into a fight with another woman and then the boyfriend started fighting with some guys... Needless to say the cops broke that one up.
    My friend had quite a bit of damage including a broke flat screen TV. He said he would never host a party again. The drunks that trashed the place fighting were charged but he didn't get much for the damages.

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    When I was a kid, my dad and uncle both got seriously drunk one Christmas and started shooting the glass tree ornaments with my new Johnny Eagle rifles that shot spring-loaded hard plastic bullets (ah, for the good old days!) What a shame...


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