Oriental Trading vs Party City?

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  • Oriental Trading vs Party City?

    Which would be better for getting party supplies? Like which is better quality?

    I am a bit torn here because I see some options and get some ideas from each place but because a lot of things are color coordinated, I want to stick to one place.

    Has anyone shopped at either? How is the quality?

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    Depends on what your buying for supplies. If it's for a kids party, well sometimes OT is the place to go depending on how much you need. I've always ordered online from OT for most things, as we don't have a physical store to go to. A lot of what OT has to offer is trinket goods, things that you could fill party bags with., knowing that they won't last.

    Party City on the other hand, you can get a pretty good selection of themed party goods, costumes and the like! I guess it just depends on what your looking for as far as party goods. We don't have a Party City where I live, as they opened a store and close it down within just a year.


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      I prefer to do this kind of shopping online if I can because I find better deals. I know that is a bit risky but it has paid off multiple times. Party City I would imagine offers a lot less online than in store.

      Thanks thought for your input. I hadn't looked at it the way you did.


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        Both are good for basic needs but I think you can actually be more creative if you went to other places. These kinds of stores are more for general parties, not holiday parties. Both have nice items and all but a lot of them are cheaply made.


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