Our first Christmas single - your feedback is appreciated!

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  • Our first Christmas single - your feedback is appreciated!

    Hi everyone, I'm part of a band called Pitch Editor and we decided this year to record a Christmas song! It's a tongue-in-cheek, 70-influenced catchy little number that "tells Christmas how it really is" - so we like to say!

    It would be great to get some feedback from your Christmas-loving folks. The video is below but you can also listen to the song on Spotify, download it on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and many more. We're also on Bandcamp! We're all over the place. Just search for Pitch Editor - Snowballs if you like it. We'd love you to share it with your friends - that's what Christmas is all about.

    Below is our incredibly low-budget but fun to make video. Please please please share your thoughts! And don't be too cruel if it's not to your taste!

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    I like the take on a dysfunctional Christmas. Got a good laugh at your ant farm gift. I can relate to that. My brother gave me an empty bottle of tequila one year. Because he knows I don't drink.

    From a studio point of view. You need to find a way to better separate the midrange frequencies between your instruments and vocals. Bring the vocals up further in the mix by both volume and frequencies. It's best to keep the vocals as natural sounding as possible. Start with the instruments. The truth is a guitar sound that sounds grate live may not work well in the studio.
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      Haha, great job! Catchy tune, love the "alternate" Christmas experience emphasis.

      But I do agree with Pine that the vocals are a bit muddled into the instruments at times. Couldn't make out a lot the words very well.
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        Thanks both of you.
        I wonder if that's partially because we used a lower quality version to accompany the video. Hmm.
        Either way, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you both enjoyed it!


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