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  • Looking for a movie!

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this, but I'm looking for a very particular christmas movie. It's the best I ever watched, in my opinion, but I just can't seem to find it no matter where I look.

    The problem is that I can't remember it's name...

    In summery, it starts with the character (Father Christmas) as a kid. His parents (and baby sister?) go out in a storm and never come home. (Assuming they drowned in a frozenover lake, as throughout the rest of the movie the main character always goes there to put a toy in the lake for his lost baby sister).
    As he grows, he gives kids in his area gifts every christmas. In this version "Santa" is mortal and has no magic powers, and neither do his reindeer which carry him through the snowwy landscape to the nearest villages.
    I recall at some point "Santa" inherited a lot of gold, which I think he just used to stay alive whilst he carves little wooden presents all year round.

    He befriends a girl, who stays by him as a friend throughout the rest of his life. At the end of the movie he dies, and the girl(now a young woman) is seen putting a present in the lake where "santa" would put it in for his sister. In this moment a "ghostly/spirit" version of the old man "santa" is seen flying by them with his reindeer in the way that everyone recognises him. The young woman smiles and the movie closes.

    Can anyone help me put a name to this movie? It's in my opinion the best interpretation, and truly heartwarming. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys christmas movies. Now if only it could be found...

    Thank you!

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    I can't say I have ever seen that one. Good luck. I hope you can find it.


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      The name of the movie is "Joulutarina"....available in the U.S. as "Christmas Story" (not to be confused with "A Christmas Story"). I bought a copy at Best Buy in December, but you can probably get it from Amazon.

      This is a great movie. It is available to stream on Netflix, if you have it. There is also a thread about it farther down this page.
      "Christmas isn't just a day...it's a frame of mind!"


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        Charlie Brown...

        ... you sir are fantastic. Thank you so much! <3


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          I love a movie AND a thread with a happy ending!!

          ~ Angel Grant


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            Glad to help, Vee.

            I had never heard of this movie until Olga started a thread on it. I watched it in July and enjoyed it enough to buy a copy. When my wife saw it last month she fell in love with it.
            "Christmas isn't just a day...it's a frame of mind!"


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