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  • I stopped at a multi-barn sale (gotta love the country!) and found this awesomely HUGE snowman blowmold for $5 !!! I couldn't NOT get him!

    Click image for larger version

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    The funny part is we were in my sister's car, she was letting my daughter drive and we had already gotten 2-50 lb bags of horse food and 6 bales of sawdust - so her car was packed! You can imagine the hilarity of getting that snowman & the headboard (my new cemetery sign) into the car.
    Glitter is like the herpes of all holidays - once you have it, you can't get rid of it!!!



    • What a great deal. You definitely could not pass him up for $5. Congrats on such a great find.

      And yes .. I am with envy.
      Prieci'gus Ziemsve'tkus un Laimi'gu Jauno Gadu! (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Latvian)


      • I could order a few blow molds online and pick them up.
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        • Those are adorable. And that's my favorite Mrs Claus.
          Prieci'gus Ziemsve'tkus un Laimi'gu Jauno Gadu! (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Latvian)


          • I found out that the company Cado owns the TPI molds. They don't actually have the molds of the snowmen with green hats. However, they have recreated some of the molds. It's a very expensive and time process though. We should write and contact them to actually make the snowmen with green hats, but they can make it a little differently. Here is the website:


            They also do custom blow molding.


            • We love blow molds, does anyone know of a great website to buy from?


              • Wow, that is awesome! And honestly you can't beat the price that you got them at! Good find!


                • These are all the Doll Head Editions. Has anybody ever seen these before? I think they look cute. What do you think? They were originally owned by Empire. General Foam owns the caroler blow molds. Please contact General Foam and ask them to make these. They sell off of E-bay like hotcakes.


                  • Last month I found a Empire Plastic 20 inch Santa blow mold at an antique store in Boaz,AL. It had a rock inside it and they told me it was used for a outdoor display. It is still in great shape and I could tell somebody did a little touch up paint on it. I paid $35 for it. They had some other blow molds inside there, but not the Empire brand.


                    • Wow, I'd forgotten I had an account here until I came here looking for some blow mold info!

                      Well,anyhoo, my father in law is cleaning out a house for an estate he's doing & these lovelies were in the basement. I've never seen candles like these or the lamp posts (neither are my auctions).

                      The candles were these:

                      The lamp posts like these:

                      Yesterday I snagged this guy from a vintage store. We were passing by the place we pass by often & outside they had 2 giant blow molds, one this guy the other a Santa & I only wanted the snowman. This isn't my store, just a pic of one like mine. And yes, mine has his pipe too!

                      I also managed to snag a giant, vintage ceramic Christmas tree. It's at least 2 1/2 feet tall from tip of the star to the bottom. It needs a new light fixture & they'd literally taped a music box into it & taped the light into it. I tossed the light & the music box & ordered a new light kit for it. Right now it's got a generic C7 light like you'd use in your smaller blow molds or villages.

                      We were looking at some photo albums that had been left at the house & I came across a pic of the former lady of the house standing next to a fully decorated 6' aluminum tree. The pic was taken at one of their other homes (they owned 3) & we haven't visited that one yet. Now, I have my own vintage 4' aluminum tree that my great grandfather bought me back when I was a toddler in the late 60s, but I said to my FIL, "If you find that tree in the other house, IT'S MINE!!"
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                      • By now most of you are aware that General Foam has closed and all of their assets will be put up for auction in the near future. With General Foam out of business that leaves Cado and us as the only U.S. companies currently manufacturing blow molds, although the possibility exists that other companies may try to enter the market following the General Foam auction.

                        Cado currently produces Union Products blow molds, and they own a few Grand Venture and TPI aluminum molds. We have purchased seven of the Grand Venture aluminum molds, and we may purchase more. We may also purchase some of the General Foam molds depending on price at auction.

                        What happens after the auction could very well alter the long term availability of many blow molds, if not completely eliminate them from the market entirely. Some of these aluminum molds could end up in China, Mexico, or in the hands of companies that only intend to purchase them for scrap value.

                        it's unfortunate because a market still exists for these products. A properly managed company with a solid financial position could succeed as a manufacturer in this market, and I'm hopeful one will emerge.


                        • Even though I do not have blow molds in my display, I enjoy seeing other displays with blow molds and hope they do not disappear from the scene completely.


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