Prelit Tree Nightmare!

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  • Prelit Tree Nightmare!

    So I picked up a prelit tree at Salvation Army last week and got an extra $5 off because part of the lights weren't working. Since it's not my main tree, I just planned to light it with a few led strings and call it good. However, curiosity got the best of me and I spent about an hour removing and testing bulbs and still it's not all working. How do you all deal with prelit trees that don't light up completely? Do you just remove the lights altogether? I assumed the prelit trees were just wired with standard lights but the ones on this one branch out and go in many directions.

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    I agree with you that fixing prelit trees is a huge undertaking. They do snake everywhere and trying to follow them is insane. I have also had instances that when using a light keeper pro the whole strand would blow. My solution as you have stated is to remove all of the pre lit lights and replace them wth LED ights with a great power savings as a benefit.


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      Thank you. I ended up tackling the tree last night and happy to say I got it all working! If I have problems with it again, I'll likely go,with the LED lights. I do know that if I ever buy a new tree, it won't be prelit.


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        I guess it's luck of the draw with pre-lit trees. We've got one that's about 8 or 9 years old and never had a problem with it.
        And it's stored in a hot attic all year.
        Glad you got yours working!


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          The pre-lit tree I bought several years ago, after a couple years of use the lights started going off. At one point something was making it so about half the lights wouldn't work. I gave up on them and stripped off all the lights. It was a BIG pain in the butt to do but it *is* do-able.
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            In the future, if ever you need to remove the lights from a pre-lit, just cut the wires - make sure it's unplugged


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