Do you cover your cords?

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  • Do you cover your cords?

    Someone told me this year that I didn't have to. I never got told otherwise till now.

    I always would twisty tie open cords with sandwich bags to keep water away from the sockets.

    He told me that as long as they say "outdoor use" you don't have to do this. Is this true?

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    Any time I put plastic around my cord ends it would attract moisture. I just leave them lying on the ground uncovered making sure the ends are not in a low spot where a water puddle would occur. I do not wrap the ends and have never had a problem.
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      I never heard of wrapping them. Maybe this is just something people don't do in my area? I would not of thought about it but as andy mentioned, it can attract moisture which may end up being a bad thing!!


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        We do not cover our cords, power strips, or power points. I do zip tie my cord runs together to keep them organized, but that's the limit. If you are worried about corrosion, you can use a thin application of dielectric grease on the prongs of the plugs. Yes, dielectric means insulator, but it prevents corrosion of the metals and allows the plugs to be put together and taken apart easier. It also adds a small amount of moisture resistance. The metal pieces still make physical contact to transfer the power and the grease doesn't seem to interfere with that transfer.

        As was said before; do not let your cord ends lay in water. A neat way to raise them is to cut a plastic cup in half and put the half under the cord ends. You can use the red beer cups and they add a nice accent to the display. I do my best to hide all my cord ends under or behind decorations for protection from both the weather and visitors that may get into the yard.

        Good Luck,


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