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    How many strands of lights do your tree take? I only used two this year. I'm sure that I could have fit more on my tree, but I didn't feel like doing a lot to my tree this year. I have a fake one, I would have liked a real one, but my boyfriend didn't want a real one.

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    Mine has the lights built in, they are just standard white ones. Nothing fancy. I use colored strands to add to this.
    I used four 8 ft cords, two of each color. I would wrap one on the top in one shade, then one on the bottom of the other than reverse it. This way I have an even flow.
    In total 32 feet on 4 strands! I have a FAT tree though haha


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      Well, I personally use as many as I think it will need. I am old and I buy them at after Christmas sales.

      I do not purchase trees with lights already on them.

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        There are some HUGE sales going on everywhere if you happen to find any trees. I saw one at Big Lots just today for only $25! It was a 6.5 fiber-optic. I was shocked! I almost got it just to have a spare but I decided not to, I just don't have the room.


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          I get a live tree every year but the decorations stay the same. I use 4 strands myself. All done in frosted white. Sometimes I could use more or sometimes I have more than enough...

          It depends on the tree but for the most part, I do 4 strands that are about 6 feet in length.


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            For the last several years now, we've purchased a fresh tree from a local Christmas tree farm from around where I live. You just can't beat the smell of a real tree! As far as lights go, well the rule of thought was that you should put 100 lights on for every foot your tree is in height.

            But this year when I was in a store buying lights for the outside, there was a sign stating that for an average 6ft. tree, you only need a total of 400 lights. So, I don't really know anymore on exact number of lights one needs for their tree.

            I would agree with edwin, put on whatever amount you seem fit for your tree. If you like a lot of lights, them put em on! If less is more to you, then put less on. Just remember that any ornaments you put on the tree will fill in any spaces that may be gaping on you tree after you put on the lights.

            So really, do whatever you need to do to make your tree, your tree!


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              We have a 7'-0" artificial tree that came heavily flocked. It originally had white incans however, over time they started burning out. We have since replaced them all with bright whites ( should have done warm ) and it took 10 strands of 60 I believe and we fell a little short at the top. We like a lot of lights at Christmas so too much is not enough!


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                So how do you guys put the lights on your tree? Wrap the whole thing, up & down or zigzag across the front, or what? I wrap mine in lights so 24 feet could only go around it like twice! Hmm. We have 2 really long strands that we use, I'd actually like more but a 3rd strand would be too much. I need like 2 1/3 strands!
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                  I like to put a lot of lights on the tree. (artificial tree) I actually wrap as many of the branches as I can. I put lights along the whole length of the branch.
                  The effect is real nice. Naturally I need many strands of lights to do this. And time and patience. LOL.

                  I also put ornaments that have a mirror finish deep into the tree ... so that the lights reflect off the ornaments. This is a really nice effect and it makes it look like there are even more lights.

                  When I put the lights on I start at the bottom and slowly work my way to the top.
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                    I have tried going around the tree starting at the bottom and also running them vertically top to bottom however, I could never get them to look right. When we brought our most recent tree, it was permanently lit on every tip and when we upgraded to LED's, we found they were attached with small plastic clips that looked like upholstery Hog Rings. Attaching the lights to every tip is very time consuming and quite pain full on the finger tips but with these clips, the end result is spectacular and every light stays in place year after year.


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                      My fresh cut tree generally runs 9+ feet and I use 3 - 4 strings of the new larger LED lights. I put them on starting at the top and working my way down.


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