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    How long does it take you to decorate the outside of your house? My parents used to decorate the outside of the house every year, and it would look so good. They didn't this year because things are just getting crazy and they didn't have the time.

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    Normally, maybe 2 hours tops. This year because of the electric issue, I had to skip them. I will be going to the store to see if I can find some solar lights anywhere.
    I just want a few strands to make the bushes look nice when people come over, nothing fancy. I will worry about better decorations next year when I have more money and time.


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      How long? That is really a loaded question.

      If you do the same thing every year, depending upon what you do, it could take minutes to hours.

      I like to change it up every year personally. This year I went old school with actual bulbs rather than LED's. This year I decorated my HOUSE, not my yard. (my yard is just dead grass and dirt)

      Other years I have put up 19 decorated Christmas trees in my yard, and a big corral around them, and light up deer, and and and... but not this year.

      Last year it took me "about 2 weeks" if that counts for time. This year, it took me " about 2 weeks" because I changed everything and had no help.

      It doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as you like it yourself.

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        Just the outside? Hmm... I can't really say. I mean it depends on what I am doing. I honestly don't pay attention to the time.

        I also tend to decorate things as I come and go. I will throw up some lights and then add to them as I find items in stores. I live in a condo so not much I can do but I make it as festive as possible!


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          If I do my full display it takes about 2 weeks. After that I just add small touches for another week.


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            That is a question we get asked all the time. I take 2 weeks vacation the last 2 weeks of November. We get all the large items put up during that time. All the lights are hung, cutouts placed, and power cords are laid. For the next week, two, or three, we do the small stuff, connect all the lights, put up garland, ornament the trees, and finish the small decorations.

            So, our answer: We don't know how long it takes. We start with 2 weeks and keep going until we get tired of it or the weather shuts us down. That pretty much defines our display for that year.


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              I can do mine in an afternoon! We do pretty basic. A string of C-9 LEDs across the front of the house, then 20 or so blowmolds and that's it. Maybe a smaller strand of lights along the chain-link fence between our front yard & the neighbor. Figuring out the web of extension cords to link all the blowmolds is what takes the longest.
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                I start the weekend after halloween and work every weekend and week day afternoon until Thanksgiving.


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                  Edwins right. It is a loaded question as it depends on how much you do.
                  Some years I've done a lot. Some years very simple.
                  And if I change things then it takes longer.
                  Planning things out so that the plugs are near outlets can be challenging. (otherwise it's lots of extension cords)

                  Sometimes I want to do a big display but then I remember that it's New England and anything I put out there will probably be buried in snow and ice.

                  A few years ago I had many lights on the front lawn and I managed to get them down before a big storm in early January. And that ended up being the first storm in a long line of many storms. We got buried that year. I was real happy that I got everything in.
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