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  • Exhausted

    I'm so tired, between building and trying to put up all my decorations......I am soooooo exhausted and not even half way done yet. It's all worth it when I see my grandson's face, and see how much he likes it.
    Last year he told me it was magical .
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    Thats why I love doing it too! To see the look on the childrens faces when they see it is wonderful!
    Lights on Park Lakes, like it on Facebook!


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      There are years that I don't want to make the effort on putting out the decorations. But when people who walk by and tell me that the really like the time and the way it's decorated then yes it's worth it to me as well. Frankly I do it because no one else on my wife's side of the family really does anything. They hang a few lights along the entrance way but that's it. I usually go all out just to tick them off! I guess I like to throw it in there faces, and show them what how to really decorate for Christmas!


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        Yep Mam-maw claus, we aint getting any younger either... but we can sure act like it! LOL It's worth every ache and pain!
        There is beauty in a winter's full moon. Glittering off the snow between the shadows of barren branches.


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          I hear that I am working with a ripped rotator cuff and a slipped lower disc not to mention my twins told me I only need about 4 to 5 hrs a sleep a night as a dad hahaha. But you are right in the end when you sit back and look at the world of magic and wonder you created you know it was worth every last second.


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