Bad smelling or old smoke plastic decorations

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  • Bad smelling or old smoke plastic decorations

    Hello! First time posting, long time lurker. I'm just here to post my solution to the bad plastic smell that happens especially with the old holly decorations from the 60s when everyone smoked. The wreaths, the garlands, the trees, though I'm sure this would work with just about anything. I've looked and looked online, even in here with no real answer, and finally figured out the answer in the most odd way. Simple Green cleaning solution! Just soak the decoration for 10 min in the solution (you can buy the concentrate at Home Depot, but many places sell the cleaner. It's not expensive.) This is came to me because of my fellow Colorado marijuana friends, to clean a smoking pipe from the very sticky residue that builds up they use Simple Green and it works like a charm. I was thinking that cigarette smoke build up is no different than that, so I tried it with great successes, no smell at all! It is also gentle and was even kind to the red flocking on the flowers. Hope this helps someone!

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