5ft blow up snow glob keeps frosting up

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  • 5ft blow up snow glob keeps frosting up

    I am wondering how to keep my 5ft blow up snow globe from frosting over all of the time??

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    When I used the blow ups I would leave them running all the time. That usually prevented any buildup of moisture inside it especially in rainy weather. Also in freezing weather it would help keep the fabric from freezing together. .


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      Thanks Andy....
      I'll give that a try.


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        My experience is the same as Andy's. I solved the problem by leaving them run 24/7. However it became such a pain I phased them out. I was considering two ideas I never tried.......one was to use a hair dryer in the glohe to heat the air slightly and the second was to buy a cheap car defrost unit from harbor freght........


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