Do you think candy canes on the tree is tacky?

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  • Do you think candy canes on the tree is tacky?

    Now before you all Santa's reindeer to kick me a new one... Hear me out!!

    I always thought they were tacky. I am talking about the real deal candy. I don't use them on my tree and never will.

    I feel like the fake ones look much better and these should be, or rather belong in, a candy dish. The cellophane wrapper just looks awful against lighting.

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    I depends. I agree that the wrappers (on the mini candy canes) can look tacky on a tree but if you are using the bigger candy canes and not the tiny ones, the are wrapped pretty tightly and can look good on the tree.


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      I never use them on my tree. Not because of looks but because my pets like to take them off and make a mess with them. The cats will remove them and the dogs will eat them.
      Not to mention the wrapping on them is toxic to dogs so it is just not worth it. I love minty things but rarely eat candy canes, go figure!


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        I actually use them on our tree...

        Now I feel like the oddball out.

        I do however use colored ones, not the regular ones. I get the ones that are white and green and white and pink. We do our tree in lime and pale pink every year.


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          We had them on our tree when I was a kid. I just bought some today with plans to add them to our gingerbread Christmas tree. If I have enough room, after all the gingerbread ornaments are on, I will be adding all kinds of candy canes to our gingerbread tree. For me, it’s reminiscent of my childhood Christmases. I loved “sneaking” candy canes off the tree and eating them. I want to give my munchkin the same opportunity to have that experience.


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            I use brightly colored canes on mine and Earthly tones on my honey's tree. I love them!


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              I put them on my tree when I remember - I'm all about funky bright colors so I don't care if they match or not. My daughter is the one who eats most of them. And luckily the dog hasn't ever bothered with them, which is surprising since he's a Beagle and he's usually all over anything that vaguely resembles food.

              Oh! I do have fake ones, too! The traditional red & white striped plastic ones. I like to hang them in my plants & stuff around the house. It's always a game to see if I can find them all in January.
              Glitter is like the herpes of all holidays - once you have it, you can't get rid of it!!!



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                We started putting them on the tree when the kids were small and the tradition lives on (of course the "kids" are both approaching their 30s!)


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